MI424WR Rev. I Firmware Upgrades

Actiontec made this model device for several different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and we never made a Non-Customer Specific (NCS)/retail version. So at the request of those ISPs, they have asked us not to post any firmware upgrades on our support site. So you will need to contact the ISP that your model came from based off the logo on your device. Also, if you purchased this device from another location other than your current ISP please refer to ISP whose logo is on the device for help finding the most current firmware. If you are still having issues please let us know below in the comments section. 

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  • Hi,
    I have the Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I router branded with Verizon. I'm trying to get firmware 40.21.24 (I believe this is the latest). I contacted Verizon, but they will not help me because I am not a FIOS customer. They told me to contact Actiontec. Can you please help me obtain firmware ver. 40.21.24 or latest for
    Rev. I ? thank you.

  • Unforantly the contract that we have with Verizon does not allow us to post any firmware for the devices that we have manufactured for them. They do this so that they know every device on their network has the correct firmware. So we would have to direct you back to Verizon to obtain the firmware upgrade.

    Is there a reason you are looking to download that particular firmware?

  • I have a MI424WR Rev. D. which Verizon stopped supporting and would like to change the firmware to something other than Verizon. DD-WRT is a little daunting. The router was removed from service at the behest of Verizon. It is still serviceable and I would like to re-purpose the router to that of wireless access point. Thus, could you provide an Actiontect firmware version for this device? Thank you.

  • Mike,

    What firmware do you currently have on your MI424WWR?

  • Admin,
    Thanks for your reply. Yes I know that VZ wants control over the firmware on their routers, but I believe the MI424WR is no longer supported and being replaced by the G1100, so that shouldn't be an issue anymore.
    Ironicly, VZ wants the latest firmware on these routers and that's exactly what I'm trying to do, but VZ won't help me and you can't help me do exactly that!
    This router came with 40.21.24 already on it, but since the wireless maxed out at 130 Mbps (and not the advertised 300 Mbps) I figured it needed an update. So I clicked on the router's update button and it actually downgraded the FW to when I connected to the Internet, Verizon actually pushed out version 40.20.18 to the router (which is currently on it). Then VZ tried to push out 40.21.24 but it failed. So I got the URL from the router's log and tried manually and discovered the reason for failure was the FW website wanted an ID & password. Of course VZ wouldn't give me the ID & password and told me to contact Actiontec for firmware.
    As I said before, I'm not using the router for FIOS. I'm using it as a MOCA bridge for my TIVO devices and also as a WAP. I wanted the latest FW to ensure I have the best and most reliable wireless and MOCA capabilities. Can you help me or offer any suggestions?
    Thanks, Terry

  • Admin,

    The device has VZ firmware installed. I will take whatever Actiontec is willing to provide. If not Actiontec, I will proceed with DD-WRT; but I would prefer an Actiontec solution as it is easier than DD-WRT's process, e.g. Python and two/three steps. Also there is the risk with DD-WRT of bricking the device.

  • I am spending time trying to re-purpose the router because I think it offers more configuration options and is a more robust, resilient or tougher, alternative to what I would otherwise use in my particular application.

  • Admin,
    Any suggestions for getting the latest Actiontec Rev. I firmware other than Verizon ?

  • Terry,

    I am sorry but unfortunately, due to our contract with Verizon, we cannot distribute their firmware. Your only two options are to push the issue further with Verizon or to go to our GPL website. Opensoource.actiontec.com and download the source code and create your own firmware. But beware the source code does not create a fully functional firmware and requires knowledge of GPL and Linux. We also do not provide support for creating your own firmware and if it is not correct it might render your device unusable.

  • Mike,

    I am also sorry to tell you the same thing we had to tell Terry, due to our contract with Verizon, we cannot distribute their firmware. Your only two options are to push the issue further with Verizon or to go to our GPL website. Opensoource.actiontec.com and download the source code and create your own firmware. But beware the source code does not create a fully functional firmware and requires knowledge of GPL and Linux. We also do not provide support for creating your own firmware and if it is not correct it might render your device unusable.

    As your device is older and is a Rev D (Generation 1) and not a Rev I. (Generation 4 I believe) Verizon does have an older firmware posted on the following site. http://my.verizon.com/micro/fiosrouters/ Beware that this is not the latest firmware for the Rev D. But you may have better luck getting them to update this page. Also, keep in mind you cannot mix firmware from newer generations with older ones the hardware will stop working and render your device unusable.

  • Thank you. Perhaps I am asking the wrong questions. What I really want to do is change the IP address of this obsoleted router and convert it to an access point. I was paging through the options as currently configured by Verizon, and did not find IP change or access point options. Can the device's IP address be changed from the default And can it be configured as a wireless access point? Changing the default IP address would be helpful as I might be able to create a guest network to extend the WIFI signal.

    My router:
    Firmware Version:
    Model Name: MI424-WR
    Hardware Version: D

    I followed the link you provided and successfully installed the older firmware.  

    Firmware Version:

    At first glance the firmware downgrade does not seem to do anything for me. I would rather be able to achieve what I described above without DD-WRT.  Is there within the firmware the capability to convert the device to an access point and change the default IP address ? 


    Next stop DD-WRT.

  • Mike,

    We do not have any steps to configure the MI424WR Rev D as a wireless access point because it is not something we ever supported. I would suggest you post that question in our community forum found here:

    On the Rev. D, there was also an option to restore the firmware as well. just under the firmware upgrade option, so you should be able to change that back to newest version ending in 14.4 on that page.

    Here are the steps to change the LAN IP address.

    On a computer that is connected directly to the Actiontec MI424 router with an ethernet cable, open a web browser and type into the address bar at the top of the screen. Press enter on your keyboard.

    Enter the admin username and password to access your modem configuration interface. (The default username/password is either: admin/password -or- admin/password1)

    Click on the My Network icon at the top of the page.

    Click on Network Connections on the left-hand side of the page.

    Click on Network\Home Office, then click the Settings button.

    At Internet protocol, click the drop down arrow and select Use the Following IP Address.

    Change the Gateway IP Address to your desired IP address scheme.

    Scroll down to the DNS Server section. This should be configured to "Use the Following DNS servers." (under normal circumstances, Verizon will supply you a Primary and Secondary DNS server to enter. Actiontec cannot provide this information.

    In the IP Address Distribution section, ensure the setting is kept at "DHCP Server." It is highly recommended you set the range from x.x.x.2 through x.x.x.254

    Click Apply after making your changes and restart all computers and devices connected to the router.

  • I went forward with DD-WRT. The device is up and running with DD-WRT and seems to offer the configuration options I need. The DD-WRT process was daunting, but I lucked out it seems. The process requires: python install, downloading a jungo (?) py file, an TFTP server, a linux,bin file, Telnet use, and something called RedBoot. Anyway, I survived the process and did not brick the device. Thank you for your help.

  • Subsequent to my comment above, I discovered a simpler solution on dslreports.com and it is:

    Disable DHCP : Go to Advanced - IP Address Distribution - Change to Disabled.

    Assign Static IP : My Network - Network Connections - Advanced - Network/Home Office - Settings - change the Internet Protocol setting to 'Use the following IP address' ( / works).

    Same SSID / Passphrase : Wireless Settings - Basic Security to change the SSID, Advanced Security to set the passphrase - I would also suggest using a different wireless channel than your primary router (like 1 on primary, 11 on secondary - set to maintain through a power cycle on both).

    No need to reserve the address on your primary router, just adjust the DHCP pool on the primary to begin with (if you used as the IP for the secondary).


  • Now that there is the KRACK vulnerability, does anyone know if Verizon/Frontier have released a patched firmware? I am a customer of neither, but I do operate two MI424WR-Rev-I routers as MoCA bridges in my home networking setup and would like to upgrade firmware if possible. Mine are both currently Verizon branded.

  • I have a M1424Rev1 which is not Verizon branded and which I did not buy from Verizon. Where do I find the firmware upgrade to counteract the KRACK vulnerability?

  • Danelle,

    Do you have a MI424WR Rev 1 or Rev I? Can you tell me where you got your MI424WR so that I can provide you with a better answer?

  • I have a Rev. 1. I bought it new about a year ago from an electronics seller on ebay. The only brand on it is Frontier. I didn’t know it was an Actiontec modem.

  • We do not have a Rev 1. Our Revisions are only letters like A, B, D, E, F, G, and I. But earlier today we learned that If your Wi-Fi router or network extender was provided by your service provider (i.e. Bell Canada, CenturyLink, Cox, Dish, Google, Frontier, MTS, SaskTel, TDS, Telus, Verizon, Windstream), it is not affected by the KRACK vulnerability, and no firmware update is required. These products do not operate in repeater mode and do not have 802.11r FT enabled. Since your device has the Frontier logo on it this means it was originally provided by Frontier and not affected by this vulnerability.

  • Your answer makes absolutely no sense. First you ask me if I have a rev1 or a Rev1. When I reply, you tell me Frontier made neither kind, but because my modem was made by Frontier I don’t need firmware. I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into an endless Catch-22.

  • Danelle,

    I think you are confusing the number 1 with the letter "I" as in Inda. Our revisions are all letters, not numbers. You need to make sure when asking for help or firmware upgrades that you have the right revision letter because the different letters indicate different hardware in the router and if you were to install the firmware that was made for a different revision letter you would ruin your device.

    In the case of the Krack vulnerability, we found out yesterday afternoon that all MI424WR's regardless of the revision letter are not affected in any way. You do not need an upgrade at this time.

    I hope this clears up your confusion.

  • Hello Team,
    I have a Frontier aka Verizon running on MI424WR-GEN3I firmware, in the logs it says it failed to update to the latest so when i check frontiers' website. they show my model linking to https://frontier.com/helpcenter/categories/internet/other-services/open-source-software-portal from there it links to http://opensource.actiontec.com/mi424wri.html where i see 52.0.7 is an option. How do i get this version on my device?

  • Nick,

    The only way to obtain a firmware upgrade for the MI424WR Rev. I is from the ISP which you obtained it from. The http://opensource.actiontec.com/mi424wri.html website is only for people who know how to build their own firmware form the GPL source code. The 52.0.7 will not work on your unit. Your firmware is the latest firmware for your unit and there is no upgrade for it.

  • Admin,

    Your answer to Nick is a completely different one than you gave me about a firmware upgrade for M1424WR Rev I. You told me the router doesn't need an upgrade because it has a Frontier logo and is therefore impervious to Krack attack. My firmware version is How many different machines do you manufacture under the M1424WR Rev 1 model number? It's beginning to look like a different one for every customer. Can you tell me one more time that this version of the firmware is not vulnerable because it's got the Frontier logo on the box?

  • Danelle,

    Nick did not ask about the Krack vulnerability. He was only asking if he could upgrade to the 52.0.7 firmware. Which he cannot. But because Nick's MI424WR Rev I, not Rev 1 was made for Frontier it is NOT vulnerable to the Krack vulnerability even if it was made for Verizon it would also NOT be vulnerable to the Krack vulnerability.

    So once again your frontier branded MI424WR Rev I, Is NOT vulnerable to the Krack vulnerability.

    Yes, the MI424WR Rev I was made for several different internet service providers. Each ISP gets a different firmware version. This is because different internet service providers want their version to do different things as well as add there own logos and images. However, you do have an older version of the frontier firmware than Nick has and you would have to contact Frontier for the firmware upgrade. But since you purchased your MI424WR Rev I, from an unauthorized reseller on eBay, I do not think Frontier will supply you with the firmware upgrade and neither can Actiontec.

    I hope this answers your question. If you would like you can call us at 1-888-436-0657 and one of our technical support agents can answer any further questions you might have.

  • Question regarding the firmware version of 52.0.7 on a MI424WR Rev I router from Frontier FIOS. That version has been pushed to my router. Not certain of the timing of this. Is this a concern? I am having issues with multiple iOS devices running the latest iOS version with this router.

  • Randy,

    If you are having issues with the MI424WR Rev. I. We would suggest that you contact Verizon and have them do a 3-way call with our tier 3 team. So that we can help you. Because without one of their techs on the line we have no access to your account settings.

  • It isn't Verizon -- it is Frontier. I am only asking about the F/W version 52.0.7 on a Frontier-supplied device because of your reply to an earlier post:

    ( November 2, 2017 -- "He was only asking if he could upgrade to the 52.0.7
    firmware. Which he cannot. ... MI424WR Rev I... was made for Frontier ".

    This would make it appear I shouldn't have been upgraded to this F/W version unless something has changed in the last couple of months (since 2 Nov 2017).

    Frontier indicated, in a call to their support line, that this was up-to-date/current but I am not particularly confident in the response they gave. I am not sure they had a configuration management table they looked at for this.

  • Randy,

    52.0.7 is still the latest firmware for that device.

  • I also have a Verizon MI424WR-GEN3I Hardware version I not 1. I wanted to change the DNS address on the router to use cloudflares new fast DNS service
    Could you help me with the setup options. When I go in to DNS Server screen and atempt to edit the existing entries the only allows thing I am allowed to change is the host name.

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