T2200M Firmware Upgrades

Actiontec does not maintain/provide firmware upgrades for devices supplied by an Internet Service Provider.

Contact your ISP for firmware upgrades for devices supplied by the ISP. 

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  • Is Actiontec unaware that this item is sold independently from ISPs? For those of us who purchased a T2200M, where do we get our firmware upgrades?

  • David,

    Where did you buy the T2200M from?

  • David,

    Do you know what firmware is currently on that device?

  • Board ID: T2200M
    Symmetric CPU Threads: 2
    Build Timestamp: 160912_0953
    Software Version: T2200M-51.128L.09
    Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.38-114.185

  • David,

    Thank you for the information. But the website where you purchased that device is not an authorized reseller of our products. Also, the firmware that is installed on that device is made specifically for the ISP Telus. According to our contract with Telus, we are not allowed to post or share any firmware upgrades for the devices that we sell them. So I am sorry to say that you would have to contact Telus for any firmware upgrades.

  • Well that is interesting. I didn't know that. Thank you for the information. I'm an unintentional whistleblower.

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