WCB6200Q Firmware Upgrade

Actiontec produced a retail version of this device and currently the only firmware available for the retail version is the one the that is was releases with. If you subscribe to this article you will be notified be email when an update has been released. 

Actiontec also made this device for several different ISP's (internet Service Providers) and those ISP have asked us not to post those firmware version on our website. So we do apologize but you will have to contact the ISP who supplied you the device for any firmware upgrades. If you purchased this device from another source, you should be able to locate the name of the ISP that the device was made for. At that point you can go to there support website to locate any firmware upgrades they might have. 

If you are still having troubles drop us a note in the comments below and we will do our best to supply you with the correct website.


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  • Since Frontier has bought out Verizon Fios in Florida, they do not have the updated firmware for this device. Your comments say contact the ISP but the new ISP doesn't seem to have it to distribute. What am I supposed to do? If you didn't contact them, please make it available for customers like me. Thanks!

  • What firmware are you currently on?

  • I'm not currently at home to check but I believe it's I assume I need 1.1. 10.20. Where is a link to a repository that holds it?

  • Is an NCS (non-customer specific) version of the firmware. You cannot load that on your Verizon WCB6200Q the two are not interchangeable. If you have installed on your device that is the best firmware at this point. Is there a specific reason you are looking for a newer firmware?

  • Yes, my 5ghz (ac) will not stay enabled. I have tried everything, factory resetting it and all. Is the item defective? It started doing this yesterday.

  • When did you get those devices from Verizon? We have not seen that issue before so they may be defective. What router are you connecting it to?

  • I got it last week. It connects via moca to a quantum gateway router.

  • If you got the WCB6200Q from Verizon I would contact Frontier and have them replace it. Since they purchased your account from Verizon they should be responsible for support for the hardware too. Meaning they should be responsible for replacing any equipment that their new users got from Verizon. If you got the Actiontec from another place I would try to have them replace it.

  • Actually I have firmware version I have read that is available. Can you distribute that firmware? I will contact Frontier either way.

  • .36 is available but only from Verizon. Our support contract with them says they are the only ones that can post the firmware for the devices they give out. But the only difference in the two firmware is some back end changes that do not apply to your issue.

  • I have the Firmware Version: and i bought this used. Is this for a certain ISP and can I upgrade this model's firmware? It seems to me that there is a better firmware available but I am not sure if my model can use it and I dont want to brick it. my ISP is Comcast/Xfinity. Can you please provide me with some direction and advice here. Thank you

  • is the latest NCS firmware available, this is the best firmware to have right now to use that device with Comcast. We do not currently make this device for Comcast so there is no firmware specific for them that would work better than what you have.

  • I bought two of these devices - one from Amazon.com which comes with the firmware and one directly from Actiontech about 14 months ago. This is slower and runs the firmware. It has a firmware upgrade link in its Firmware Autoupdate but there is nothing more recent posted there.

    Since this is a no-specific ISP device, how do I update it?

  • Karl,

    Can you confirm the firmware numbers for us? The is a valid firmware number but the other one is not. Also if you can confirm the place of purchase for each firmware.

  • Yes I can confirm that it is correct. It was purchased from Actiontec directly in December 2015. The order number was #3075.

    I have uploaded a copy of the status screen to here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1w4kv1igwa7nvrv/Actiontec-WCB6200Q.png?dl=0

  • Karl,

    So that I do not have to ask you to post your personal information here in the forum, please use the following link to create a ticket with our technical support team so they can help you with this issue better.


    In the "Describe Problem:" field please add a reference to our conversation here and I will make sure that ticket gets handled by the correct person and so we can correct this issue for you.

  • Well my unit keeps dropping speeds to single digits and has to be rebooted to fix it EVERY DAY! Is there a new FW? I am still on Firmware Version: . This was supposed to be better than other extenders but it is just more of the same, more issues. I spent a good penny for this unit and a 6200 bonded adapter and I cant get this to work properly. The older one I had worked better than this new 2.0 technology. What is Actiontec doing about this? Anything? I clearly am not the only one having this issue AND you are going to lose customers when you should be gaining them if people like me start reviewing this product and telling our friends not to buy this equipment when we had no problems recommending the earlier ones. I need a FW Fix or I am moving on FOREVER from your products.

  • What about the KRACK Vulnerability update? I wasn't able to find anything for this extender.

  • Jarod,

    Here is a link to Actiontec's official response to the KRACK Vulnerability https://actiontecsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005205283-KRACK-vulnerability

    Also, the WCB6200Q does not support repeater mode or 802.11r FT. So it is not affected by the KRACK vulnerability. So no firmware update is required. But you will need to make sure that your wireless devices themselves are not vulnerable to the KRACK vulnerability. For that, you will need to check with the manufacture of all your wireless devices.

  • cox cable wcb6200q: apple devices cannot see the networks, they are not named “our network”-ext 2.4 or -ext 5.0. We may be connected via same network SSID as the cable modem but it is literally impossible to tell. If I go in and rename the SSID directly on the extender, am I asking for trouble?

  • The SSID should be what is listed on the sticker of the unit unless you manually changed the wireless name and password to match the router settings.
    There should be no issue changing the SSID on the Extender manually.

    For all support on this device we recommend you contact Cox Communications as their software may make the units operate differently then the NON ISP devices.

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