How do I connect a Google Chromecast adapter.

Connect a Google Chromecast adapter to an Actiontec modem/router, these are the steps

  1. Using the computer/phone/tablet etc., click on the wireless networks and select the google Chromecast wireless device.
  2. Locate the Google Chromecast app on the device and run the app. Verify the code on the tv matches the code in the Chromecast app then click next. If desired you can change the name of your Chromecast app then click next.
  3. Select the wireless network of the modem/router and input the security key. It will now tell you that the app is setting up Chromecast and it is connecting to the wireless network. If it appears that it is not connecting, go back to your phones wireless network selection and reconnect the phone to your wireless network. The Chromecast app should now tell you the adapter is now ready to cast. You can verify your Chromecast is connected to the network by tapping the arrow to the right.
  4. Run the desired app to stream to the Chromecast adapter(ie., Netflix, youtube, etc.).
  5. If after these steps the Chromecast device still doesn't connect or stream correctly, please contact Google for further support. Using the following link:
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