Are the MyWirelessTV 2's compatible with 4K TVs?

Yes, 4K TVs should be backward-compatible with MyWirelessTV 2s. What this means is 4K TV should still display the resolutions that our product outputs, but don't expect 4K resolution. It is NOT recommended to use the HDMI ARC port on the TV.

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  • If the MWTV2KIT01 supports HDMI-ARC why can't it be used to transmit LPCM back to my AVR?

  • Does the MWTV2KIT01 support HDMI-CEC?

  • Mathew,

    First off sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The MWTV2KIT01 does not support HDMI-CEC. To answer your other question the MWTV2 Kit is merely an extension of your current audio/video. For proper functionality, all secondary devices (AVR) on the network must be set to properly support the MWTV technology. We would need to have a better understanding of your setup and what you are trying to accomplish. To do this we would ask that you email your questions to our Technical Support people using the following link:

    Or give them a call at 888-436-0657

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