How do I access the configuration page or GUI of the device?

The default IP address for the WCB3000N is when it is not connected to a router with a DHCP server. If it is connected to a router the IP address will be assigned to the WCB3000N using DHCP. If you are having issues accessing configuration page or GUI please contact Technical Support.

Follow the instructions in this guide to configure the Extender.


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  • I own two versions of the 3000N used in different parts of our home, both directly connected via Ethernet Cable from our main router gateway: One is an ActionTec branded unit, and the other is a Verizon branded unit we purchased prior, when we had service from Verizon Fios.

    The Verizon branded unit had initially been connected to a MI424WR Rev.I gateway. After we switched from now-Frontier Fios to Spectrum (Charter), we retired our MI424 and replaced it with a TP-LINK AC2300 router. And changed our two WCB's from MOCA COAX (as that was becoming unstable) to Ethernet connections.

    The Action-Tec branded WCB works superbly, since it has the Actiontec firmware that we can access. Our first Verizon-branded one? Not so much. It will carry connections through its other Ethernet port just fine, and we can see it and access its GUI log-in page on the network. But its default passwords are unknown (and evidently contrary to the "admin" / "admin" on the sticker), and it's clear from the UI color-scheme that the firmware is Fios-born. Tried factory reset, no changes. Tried every username / password combo I've ever used, questioning if when we initially installed it, that it cloned the MI424's credentials... Even tried using the MI424's defaults. No luck.

    I can't get in to the admin, so I can't (and least I think I can't) make use of this 3000N's wireless settings. The WPS button method, also, will not successfully link with the TP-Link's WPS button.

    If there is any way you can help me crack this code and allow me to again make use of this one, I'd really REALLY appreciate it. But if not, if its destiny is that it can only work with another Verizon gateway, let me know and I'll just find it a new home who can use it. And please let me know if I can give you any more info. Thank you!

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  • Roman,
    The ISP branded units are programmed to work specifically with the ISP they are coded to work with. The user name and password on the label will be correct unless changed by a user. For ALL support on ISP units we have to refer you to the ISP for support. If you are no longer a Verizon customer they may not assist you.

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