How to restore the WCB3000N to factory default settings

There are 2 methods of restoring defaults

Method 1: Press and hold the reset button for 10 - 15 seconds then release. The device will reset and reboot to factory defaults.


Method 2:

1.Log into the device, click on "Advanced Setup" 

Capture.png on "Factory Defaults"


3., click on the "Restore Default Settings" button next to "Factory Default setting:". The device will reset and reboot to factory defaults.


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  • Does the unit have to be powered on to use the reset button to restore to factory defaults? Thanks.

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  • Andrew,

    Yes, it does need to be powered on.

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  • Is there another means to do a more complete reset? I have followed the steps above and allowed it to reboot. However, neither the admin/password nor networks match the sticker on the device.

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  • Dan,
    No, there are only those 2 ways to restore these devices to factory settings. There are different admin user names and passwords depending on which firmware is on the units. Most ISP devices do not use the default admin/password combination. What is the serial number on the unit(s) you have?

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