Is the coax connection required to connect to a router or modem?

No. You can connect the WCB3000N at the remote location with either a coax connection or an ethernet connection that is connected to your modem/router.

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  • I dont this is accurate..... it appears the two ethernet ports out "out" ports, not in. It appears there is an adapter required to use ethernet "in" (which is quite unfortunate)

  • Brian,

    The Ethernet ports are bi-directional for computers, TV's, dvd players, etc. The Coax port is the required connection to your modem/router for the MoCA network connection to your modem/router.

  • Your answer contradicts this post
    I want to use it as an extender without using a MOCA adapter, by connecting it to the ethernet ports, is that possible?

  • If the serial number of the WCB3000N starts with "CWIA" then you can use an Ethernet connection from the router and the coax connection is not required. If your serial number starts with a different series of letters then it will require a coax/Moca connection to the router.

  • My Serial Number starts with CWQA, any chance there is a firmware upgrade to enable the connection over ethernet?

  • Jason,

    No only the ones that start with "CWIA" will work that way.

  • I have one whose S/N starts with CWQA and I have connected that via Ethernet to my main router and it works perfectly. This post is sent via my laptop wirelessly connected to the wcb3000n device.

  • Can i use more than one wcb3000n in my network? I have a single coax coming from a Arris router with coax splitters. I have three wcb3000n boxes. I would rather use twisted pair if possible. Can you use multiple boxes with twisted pair? or off a switch???

    Thanks in advance,

  • You can have a total of 16 MoCA devices on a MoCA network.
    No, you can not use twisted pair for these devices. They require a coax connection for the MoCA signal. You can connect a switch or hub to the Ethernet ports on the WCB's for additional wired devices (computers/tv's/game consoles).

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