How to access the WCB6200Q GUI to configure settings?

The default IP is or http://myextender if the Extender has not yet been connected to a modem or router.

NOTE: If the Extender has already been connected to a modem or router then you will need to access your modem or router to find the IP address it provided to the Extender.

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  • My extender has been connected to the modem for almost a year. I need to change the channel it is using (1 for 2.4g and 157 for 5g), because everyone in the neighborhood is using those, and the fire stick doesn't like 157. I used Acrylic Wifi to figure this out.

    So I changed my modem to 4 and 36 (Motorola Arris Surfboard). But the WCB6200Q did not change. When I go into the settings, it will only pull up the Motorola (which is weird, when I'm connected to the Actiontec, not the Motorola, right?). How can I change the Actiontec's channels without disconnecting it from my network?

  • Nevermind, I just found the correct IP address within the settings of the Motorola!

  • I have the NCS version, did firmware update and working fine. My question is does the Verizon branded firmware have multiple wireless network SSIDs/options available as does this NCS unit? The NCS unit I was able to sync the G1100 wireless password following the instructions , but the SSIDs were appended with "EXT". Verizon advertises their unit uses identical SSID, is that true? Bottom line, is the NCS version more flexible, as it costs 50% more than Verizon unit with best prices I'm finding

  • The Verizon unit only supports 1 ssid each for the 2.4 & 5 Ghz networks. The verizon branded unit will copy the name to both bands for the MI424WR since that router only supports 2.4 Ghz. The Verizon branded unit will add 2.4 & 5G to the names to identify the bands. Unsure on the G1100, you would need to contact Verizon in regards to how the WCB6200Q functions with that router.
    Since the NCS unit is designed to work with most routers via WPS it adds the "EXT" to the name so customers can identify that it is the Extenders wireless network. The SSID's can be managed within the GUI settings by the user. The NCS unit can be configured for up to 8 (4 each 2.4 & 5G) SSID's.

  • Thanks for quick reply. The multiple SSIDs is a nice feature.

  • How do I access my gui settings?

  • Susan.

    Are you following the steps above? Do you have the model number WCB6200Q?

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