How to access the WCB6200Q GUI to configure settings?

The default IP is or http://myextender if the Extender has not yet been connected to a modem or router.

NOTE: If the Extender has already been connected to a modem or router then you will need to access your modem or router to find the IP address it provided to the Extender.

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  • My extender has been connected to the modem for almost a year. I need to change the channel it is using (1 for 2.4g and 157 for 5g), because everyone in the neighborhood is using those, and the fire stick doesn't like 157. I used Acrylic Wifi to figure this out.

    So I changed my modem to 4 and 36 (Motorola Arris Surfboard). But the WCB6200Q did not change. When I go into the settings, it will only pull up the Motorola (which is weird, when I'm connected to the Actiontec, not the Motorola, right?). How can I change the Actiontec's channels without disconnecting it from my network?

  • Nevermind, I just found the correct IP address within the settings of the Motorola!

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