Can I change the IP address assigned to the Wireless Extender?

Yes, The Management screen provided in Advanced Setup allows the Extender's IP address settings to be modified. Only experienced network technicians should change these settings. 


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  • How can access this? the IP address or wont work.

  • Gwen,

    You need to make sure that your computer has an IP address in the same range as the Actiontec. So if your Actiontec has the default IP of then your computer that is connected directly to it must have an IP address of 192.168.99.XX or you will never get access to the device. Where did you get your Actiontec?

  • I have a DHCP router, so the IP address for the extender is 192.168.1.xx. I'd like to have the xx stay constant. Are you saying I should modify the "Bridge Configuration IP Address" to be whatever I want within the 192.168.1.xx range?

  • Ryan,

    No, this IP address is only there to access the unit when it is not connected to a network. To set the IP address assigned to the device to access it on your network you must do that thru your router. 

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