My VPN Client shows that I am connected. So why am I still unable to access the network resources?

This will sometimes occur when there is a problem with the IP address used by the VPN Client computer. The remote VPN Client is either using an IP address that is in a range that conflicts with the VPN network or the VPN network requires that Clients use an IP address from within a specific range.

1. If the IP address is in conflict, the solution is to change the range of IP addresses used by the Actiontec Device to an IP range that no longer conflicts with the VPN Server range.

2. If the VPN network requires a specific range of IP addresses, then only the VPN Administrator can provide the information that is needed. After contacting the VPN Administrator to determine the correct IP range, configure the LAN IP Address of the Actiontec device.

Note: Changing the LAN IP Address will cause the Router or Modem to assign new IP addresses that are compatible with the new LAN IP Address to all DHCP clients. Network Clients with Static IP addresses will need to be changed manually. Naturally, you will need to use the new IP address when accessing the User Interface of the device in the future.

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