Does the WEB6000Q automatically obtain the wireless security settings being broadcast by the gateway/router?

It will auto configure the wireless settings to certain Actiontec gateways, modems, and routers. For most other gateways, modems, and routers you will need to manually configure the wireless settings to match.

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  • The question is: does Web6000Q work together with T3200M gateway? in other words, will it take the name of the SSID, and passphrase/password for WiFi from the gateway as per the documentation by Actiontec?

    Telus says here ( that it does. Actiontec says that it does as well. Yet, when we reset extenders and the gateway to defaults, it doesn't. Extenders appear as WiFiPlus devices, with a 4 digit network number.

  • Dmitri,

    Yes, the WEB6000Q Extender should configure its wireless settings to the same settings of the T3200M. This is currently under review by Actiontec and Telus. This may require a firmware update to one or both devices. You will need to contact Telus support for updates if required and any further support.

  • That's good to hear. It's Telus that doesn't have this working. It doesn't do what your site says it should do. I'm pretty sure firmware might need to be updated as it's preconfigured fully for the preinstall, it doesn't go to the complete vanilla setup. And I'm looking to have Web6000Q to carry the same SSID and password so I have one SSID in the entire house. I've been working with Telus on this for months.

  • I've been playing with the WEB6000Q for hours, and I see no way make it mirror functionality of the T3200M in the slightest. Have SmartSteering on or off changes nothing. Manually making the SSID's and the rest of the settings match just makes WiFi keeping cutting in and out as your wireless devices (phones, tablets) just gets confused. What is the minimum firmware version on each device to make this work? I've got 31.164L.18 on my gateway and v1.1.02.22 on the WiFiPlus.

    Is there a step by step walkthrough for how to configure this functionality somewhere, because as it stands I don't believe these two Actiontec devices work together at all (besides a default DHCP reservation on the gateway for the extender). You simply get a second wifi network you can manually connect to.

  • wmxp,

    Did you follow the sets in the quick start guide? found here?

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