Why can't my computer or tablet get an IP address when connected to the Wireless Extender via Ethernet or Wireless?

The job of handing out IP addresses belongs to your gateway, modem, or router not the wireless extender. If your device is connected to the extender and not getting an IP address please check with the manufacturer of your gateway, modem, or router.

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  • Without extender getting 80 to 100 Mbps with wireless router, with wcb6200Q extender getting 225 to 250 Mbps can it be hard wired through lan ports to get a little more to my xbox. Payng for lol up to 400Mbps also purchased set of ECB6200 but can't get but 77Mbps with these what's up

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  • James,
    Yes, you can connect devices via Ethernet (ie., Xbox, computers, Dvd's, Tv's). The Ethernet ports support up to 1Gb.
    Typical speed issues are due to improper installation, cabling/splitter issues, or firewalls/security programs on connecting devices.
    If you continue to have issues contact our support number at 8884360657 for further assistance.

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