How do I change the Wireless Settings on the Actiontec WCB3000N?

To change the settings on your Actiontec WCB3000N download and follow the instructions in the WCB3000N Wireless Settings Guide.

Note: These instructions may not work with ISP Specific devices.

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  • Does the wcb3kn not accept SSIDs with spaces in it? When I add/edit an SSID manually that has spaces in it, I get an incorrect SSID error message. Please clarify as I will have change my whole network if this is true.

  • No, these units require the ssid's and passwords to use numbers and/or letters without spaces or special characters.

  • IT looks you need to plug an ethernet cord in to make any changes and or access the GUI? I assume I misread that. This is re the WCB3000N I want to unify the wifi name.

  • neither the wecb-9204.local nor the are working to recunfigured the device. Not to mention de 888 phone number, there is a robotic answer with limited interaction.... stay away from chinese manufacture hardware/software product. I am returning mine right away or trash it

  • Any way to turn off the wireless radios? I have a few of these I use just as a MOCA to Ethernet gateway, and I want to turn off any extra wireless access points. I've gone through the GUI and turned off just about everything relating to wireless (except security) yet it still shows both radios as enabled.

    Firmware Version: v0.16.8.8


  • swechsler,

    This appears to be an ISP specific firmware. Some ISP's did not allow users to change some settings within the units. If you selected to turn radio's off under the wireless radio settings then the radios should be off. These units were all discontinued several years ago. You may need to contact the SELLER for additional support or return for a current series MoCA device such as the WCB6200Q.

  • Well, these do what I need, so I just turned of SSID broadcast and turned the xmit power down to 15% to conserve power.

  • Why can't I access my GUI. I tried the http://wecb-0188.local and the method. I even disconnected the coax cable.

  • Jonathan,

    Do you know what IP address your computer is currently getting?

  • Hi,
    Everything is great with this thing until I change the SSIDs. The moment I change the SSIDs of the 5 and/or the 2.4 Ghz broadcasts to match the router's SSID everything goes to $h!t and the wifi signal goes away. Once I change them to another SSID, the signal comes back and everything is great again. I really want to have a duplicate SSID as I don't want to have to manually switch between "networks." I've looked through everything on this extender and am starting to wonder if i need to change something on my router. Yes, of course MoCa is enabled on my router.
    I hope this all makes sense to someone there.
    What gives?

  • Dakota,

    The SSID cannot be the same as your router the WCB3000N is not designed to work like that.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.
    I swear the wireless settings guide above says that it works like that.
    So, that means this is not really a true network extender then... So are any of your other products?
    What's the point of this thing then? It seems like it's use has been misrepresented. I'm not trying to be snarky, I am just disappointed and confused.

  • Huh? Admin - check the user manual for the WCB3000N.

    Page 3 of the manual, #2 states:

    From this screen, change the SSID (network name), the wireless
    network security type (WEP, WPA, or WPA2), and the password/passphrase to match that of the gateway/router’s wireless network, then click Apply.

  • Ryan,

    What firmware is your unit on?

  • Dakota,

    What firmware do you have on your unit?

  • v0.16.8.5

    Your site makes it clear that there are no upgrades available for this unit..

    Please, if there is nothing that can be done just let us know. This product is supposed to duplicate the router's SSID and extend the wifi network and if it isn't going to do that then it's not working as advertised and I'll return it. If the newer model does actually work this way then I'll just get that one and chock this up to a deal that was "too good to be true."

  • Dakota,

    That firmware was designed to work only with the Time Warner network and modem that they supplied. If you have a retail unit your unit would work as it is stated in the guide above. Where did you get that unit?

  • Dakota,

    We cannot stop them from selling them like that.

  • Well, you guys are gonna lose business. There are a bunch of negative reviews about this product on Amazon and I can't find the new model there anymore. So, I am going to go with a different solution.

  • perdon escribiere en ingles y español.

    tengo varios equipos WCB3000N y cuando intento entrar a la puerta de enlace no hay repuesta en ningunas de las indicaciones que dice su manual y no tengo conectado el cable coaxial ni enthernet. como entro necesito cambiar la clave wifi.

    Sorry, write in English and Spanish.

    I have several WCB3000N devices and when I try to enter the gateway there is no response in the instructions that appear in your manual and I do not have the coaxial cable or the network connected. As I enter I need to change the wifi password.

    similar a este problema
    Why can't I access my GUI. I tried the http://wecb-0188.local and the method. I even disconnected the coax cable.

    equal to this problem
    Why can't I access my GUI. I tried the http://wecb-0188.local and the method. I even disconnected the coax cable.

  • dominicanandroi,
    There could be several reasons why you can not access the gui.
    If you do not have the coax cable connected then you have to configure a static IP on your computer to match the extenders default computer and may need to allow access thru the firewall program.

    What are the first 4 letters of the serial numbers?
    Do you know what firmware is on the units?

  • s/n CWQA6030504677 THIS IS SERIA NUMER

  • dominicanadroi,

    That unit is an ISP specific device with firmware for use with Time Warner. The instructions on our site may or may not work with that unit. If your ISP is not Time Warner it is recommended to return to place of purchase for a refund. If your ISP is Time Warner you would need to contact them for further support.

    If you have already connected it to a MoCA network you will need to access your router to find out what the new IP address is that the router provided to the unit.

  • Dakota...
    Are you using any other MoCA devices? or just the WCB300N?

    The WCB3000N is supposed to work with a MoCA router/modem. It will still work without, but needs some "management" without the MoCA modem/router

    For matching the wifi you might have to set both your router and MoCA to a fixed channel so they don't both wander away from each other.

    If you are using a second WCB3000N as a bridge, you might have to change the Bridge Management IP (in Advanced Setup)
    see this post

  • I'm having a hard time getting the WCB3000N connected to Verizon Gigabit router speeds. When I even have it connected via Ethernet to the router I'm getting drastically slow download speeds (around 80). I followed all the trouble shooting steps except changing the extender information since I don't know how to do that..

    any help would be awesome!

  • Ryan,
    What is the firmware version on the unit or the first 4 letters of the serial number?

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