How do I change the Wireless Settings on the Actiontec WCB3000N?

To change the settings on your Actiontec WCB3000N download and follow the instructions in the WCB3000N Wireless Settings Guide.

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  • Does the wcb3kn not accept SSIDs with spaces in it? When I add/edit an SSID manually that has spaces in it, I get an incorrect SSID error message. Please clarify as I will have change my whole network if this is true.

  • No, these units require the ssid's and passwords to use numbers and/or letters without spaces or special characters.

  • IT looks you need to plug an ethernet cord in to make any changes and or access the GUI? I assume I misread that. This is re the WCB3000N I want to unify the wifi name.

  • neither the wecb-9204.local nor the are working to recunfigured the device. Not to mention de 888 phone number, there is a robotic answer with limited interaction.... stay away from chinese manufacture hardware/software product. I am returning mine right away or trash it

  • Any way to turn off the wireless radios? I have a few of these I use just as a MOCA to Ethernet gateway, and I want to turn off any extra wireless access points. I've gone through the GUI and turned off just about everything relating to wireless (except security) yet it still shows both radios as enabled.

    Firmware Version: v0.16.8.8


  • swechsler,

    This appears to be an ISP specific firmware. Some ISP's did not allow users to change some settings within the units. If you selected to turn radio's off under the wireless radio settings then the radios should be off. These units were all discontinued several years ago. You may need to contact the SELLER for additional support or return for a current series MoCA device such as the WCB6200Q.

  • Well, these do what I need, so I just turned of SSID broadcast and turned the xmit power down to 15% to conserve power.

  • Why can't I access my GUI. I tried the http://wecb-0188.local and the method. I even disconnected the coax cable.

  • Jonathan,

    Do you know what IP address your computer is currently getting?

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