After connecting a splitter to my network it no longer works. Why?

When using a WEB3000N you must use a splitter with the following specifications. 

  • MoCa 1.1
  • Bi-directional
  • 5 - 1500 Mhz 6kV
  • Coax ports are 3.5 dB
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  • I recently purchased a Wcb3000N and adapter ECB6200. I set up the adapter using a moca rated splitter(BAMF 2-way bi-directional 5-2300MHz 3.5 dB) to my comcast gateway & the moca adapter. The signal dropped significantly, 50%. Is this normal? I tried to just pass through Moca adapter to gateway and
    The gateway continued to work but the moca adapter did not. Coax light never came on.

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  • Stephanie,
    What signal dropped? The MoCA or the wireless?
    The coax light not coming on means the adapters are not able to communicate over the coax cabling. Is the coax light not lighting on both adapters or just one of them? There is something preventing the MoCA signal. Did you try the 2 tests at the following link to verify the functionality fo the WCB and ECB adapters?

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  • The wireless signal dropped from the gateway (175 mbps) to the extender (50 mbps). This was once I connected the moca adapter to coax and gateway modem/router via splitter noted above.

    The original configuration I thought I could just pass the coax signal from the wall coax outlet through the adapter box to the gateway modem/router, that’s when the coax lights on both the adapter and extender would night light up. The gateway still worked, same wireless internet strength (175 mbps). I thought this configuration if it worked would give less degradation in signal than using splitter.

    What should the drop be from adapter across the coax to the extender. With nothing else running and my computer plugged into the Ethernet on the extender I get 95 mbps, at the gateway connected to the adapter downstairs I get 180 mbps. This seems like a big loss to me. With everything I’ve read, I thought moca degradation would be minimal over coax.

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