What splitter specifications are required?

The splitter needs to be:

  • MoCa 2.0
  • Bi-directional
  • 5-1675 Mhz 6kV
  • Coax ports are 3.5 dB


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  • Question for you. When it is mentioned that only 16 moca devices can be on a network for wcb6200q does that mean total devices connected through the extenders wireless signal. Ex. iPhones, nest products, etc. I am curious because my home is running a fios quantum gateway router and I would love to get a better signal upstairs on an opposite side of the house and we have a lot of wifi devices being used.

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  • No, the 16 MoCA devices, is referring to the actual number of MoCA adapters you have connected such as devices like the WCB6200Q, ECB6000 and ECB6200, Fios router and Set-top boxes. Depending on the configuration of your DHCP server you should still be able to have up to 252 wired and/or wireless devices.

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