Why does my wireless connection keep disconnecting?

Typical wireless connection issues are usually caused by one or more of the following problems:

  1. The wireless adapter/computer is not properly configured to join the wireless network. (This means the adapter is not configured for the proper wireless security type or with the proper security key)
  2. Environmental issues this is caused by
    1. Radio frequency interference caused by wireless devices in the 2.4Ghz range such as cordless phones, satellite systems, microwave ovens, anything producing a wireless signal at 2.4Ghz.
    2. Electromagnetic interference caused by having the modem/router too close to electrical powered devices such as Monitors, stereo speakers, etc.
    3. Structural interference caused by physical things such as concrete/brick walls, heating, and ventilation ducting, metal piping, stucco walls, etc. 
  3. Your wireless device is too far away from the wireless radio transmitter in your Actiontec device. 

Possible solutions.

  1. Change the channel that the modem/router transmits and receives the wireless signal on for interference issues.
  2. If you detect the signal with no issues but can't connect turn off security on the wireless and check the connection. If the device still doesn't connect it is an issue with the wireless device. If it does connect without security then the wireless device is not configured correctly to join the secured network.
  3. Relocate the modem/router to a new location in the house or bldg., for signal strength issues.

If you are still having issues after you have tried the possible solutions above let us know in the comments section below. 

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