What is the default IP address for accessing an GT784WNV interface?

By default, the IP address for accessing the interface is "". 

If you have a computer connected directly to the GT784WNV your computer should be getting an IP address of 192.168.1.X. If you are unsure of how to check this information please give us a call so we can walk you thru this step.

Once you have determined that you computer is connecting directly to the GT784WNV and that computer  is getting an IP address from the GT784WNV of 192.168.1.X. You can access the GUI of the GT784WNV by typing into the address bar of your browser.  



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  • How about the fact that I can NOT access the dashboard screen after I log in?
    Sometimes with Luck I can get it in if I remove the /index_real.html portion.
    Obviously something wrong with this and verizon of course has no support or new firmware as of yet.

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  • Name,
    If you can access the login request for the user name and password but nothing displays beyond the login this will be caused by either browser security settings or a firewall preventing access. Other ISP's besides Verizon used this device with their own firmware. Since you did not specify the firmware version on the unit we could not provide more information .

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