After connecting a splitter to my network it no longer works. Why?

When using an ECB6200 you must use a splitter with the following specifications. 

  • MoCA 2.0
  • Bi-directional
  • 5-1675 Mhz 6kV
  • Coax ports are 3.5 dB
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  • Pls recommend a 4-way splitter that meets these specs. I have looked on Amazon and have searched manufacturer sites (Antronix and BAMF). I have not found any that meet all the requirements. The 4-way splitters that I came across have 7 db loss

  • Guru,

    Here is the splitter that we here at Technical Support have purchased and use for our testing. It is not a four-way splitter but perhaps this manufacturer will have one that does.

  • Thanks for your response. You may have missed a key aspect in my ask. I want a recommendation on a 4-WAY SPLITTER that meets the specifications

  • We have never needed a 4-way splitter so we cannot recommend one. That's why we suggested the website above so you could contact them for better guidance as what to purchase.

  • I'm having all kinds of problems with Cox Communications. They changed my splitters and now my MoCa no longer works. Can you guys confirm the MoCA Channel and Frequency the ECB6200 transmits at?

    Cox has a similar product for their Arris Panoramic modem/router and it looks like it transmits at 1200MHz so it's probably ok to use the standard 5-1000MHz splitters from antronix but I suspect the ECB6200 transmits at a higher frequency.

  • gerrym,

    I would start with making sure the new splitters match what is recommended above. Unfortunately, here in technical support, we do not know the exact frequency that the ECB6200 transmits at. The best answer I was able to get was "Extended D-band: 1125 ~ 1675MHz" I hope this helps.

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