How can I change configuration settings on the ECB6200 adapter?

There are no user configurations for this device.

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  • Is there anyway to change the MAC of the MoCA? I need it to have the same as the Actiontec router I am trying to get rid of. This is to use my own Linksys router with my Frontier ONT setup.

  • Ron,
    There is no way to change the MAC address of the ECB6200.

  • Ok. The ECB6200 is Coax to Ethernet converter. Using this MoCA, can i plug the Ethernet side into the WAN on my Linksys router and Coax in from the cable side and out to the STB's. The intent is remove the Actiontec Router w/Coax and Ethernet. So is the ECB6200 capable to provide the conversion and function as like the Actiontec Router did for the cable boxed I have on Coax, throughout the house?

  • Ron,
    I am a little confused as to what you are trying to do here. There should be a coax cable out of the wall then into a 2way splitter, The off that splitter one coax cable goes to your modem the other into your ECB coax in. Off the ECB there should be a TV/STB out that should have a coax cable connected to your cable box. The ethernet should go to one of the LAN ports on your router.

    Then in another room, you should have another ECB connected to the coax coming from the wall. Then have the ethernet going to the ethernet port on your computer.

    You have to have a router in the loop so that it can provide DHCP, DNS, etc. to the other devices on your network. If you only ever had one ECB on your network that is because the Actiontec router is MoCA enabled. So you have to have two MoCA devices for this to work correctly.

    If you want to connect your own router to the ONT. I would suggest you have frontier come out to your location and change the connection on the ONT from coax to ethernet. Then you can use ethernet from the ONT directly into WAN port on your Linksys. It is my understanding that they will charge for this.

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