Why is my internet light red?

A red internet light indicates that you have connected to the internet but the PPP username and PPP password that was entered into Actiontec Gateway is incorrect and your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is not allowing you to browse to anything on the internet because of that issue.

Beware this PPP username and password is not the same as the password that you use to connect to your wireless or to log into your email account. This is the username and password that your ISP uses to grant you access to the internet.

You will have to log into your Actiontec gateway and enter the correct information into the GUI (Graphical User interface) before you can have full access to the internet. Please refer to the user manual for your device for the correct steps to complete this task. If you are unsure what your PPP username and password are you will need to contact your ISP for that information because the Actiontec Support Team does not have access to this information. 

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