How can I know the correct VPI/VCI settings to use?

Your ISP should provide the VPI/VCI settings, but if they do not, here are some guidelines for trying to get your modem configured anyway.

United States ISP VPI/VCI Settings

  • CenturyLink/Qwest 0/32
  • Verizon 0/35
  • SBC 0/35
  • AT&T 0/35
  • SW Bell 0/35
  • Sprint 8/35
  • TDS 0/35
  • Bell South 8/35
  • CenturyTel 8/35
  • EarthLink 0/35
  • Embarq 8/35
  • GSInet 8/35

United Kingdom ISP VPI/VCI Settings

  • NTL 0/38
  • Bulldog 0/38
  • UK Online 0/38
  • Tiscali 0/38

If your ISP is not on this list but they are in the USA, then first try 0/35, and if the Internet light remains off, try 8/35. If your ISP is not on this list and they are in the UK, then you should try 0/38. Other than CenturyLink/Qwest 0/32, the settings of 0/35 and 8/35 are the most common used by ISPs in the USA, and 0/38 is used by virtually all of the ISPs in the UK. The ISP should have provided this information in the beginning, but some ISPs resist giving the VPI/VCI information if you have not purchased the modem that they provide. However, if 0/35, 8/35 and 0/38 do not work, then there is really no alternative, to getting the information from your ISP. It is unfortunate, but sometimes it requires a great deal of insistence to obtain this information from the ISP.

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