How to manually configure the GT784WN for internet access

Make sure the Power and DSL lights are solid green
Connect a computer via an Ethernet connection

Open your browser and type in in the address bar and press enter, this will bring you back to the modem configuration page, click on manual setup or quick setup, click on next, select the connection type,  input your ISP username and password(if required)  and click apply, click on advanced setup, click on broadband settings, enter your VPI/VCI values then click apply. you should now have internet access.

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  • Did this. Using ppoe logins for century link.. nothing.. modem was working but kept kicking me off first weekly. Then every other day, now twice a day over 9 week period.., then I couldn't login to router today with my login data, so I reset it... trying to reconfigure not getting anywhere. Ps century link sux

  • Samantha,

    This appears to be the same issue as in the FAQ below.

    This is an issue with the Centurylink service that you would have to have CenturyLink fix for you.

  • My problem is I can’t get it to go to the main menu via Ethernet without internet what do I do

  • Heranda,

    You do not need an internet connection to access the gateways web interface. If you typing in the default IP address in your web browser and not getting the gateway's interface. please call us so we can troubleshoot your unit better.

  • Hello, I seem to be having issues connecting with Frontier. I'm not sure if it's using DHCP or PPPoE, and I'm not sure how to even check, let alone if I need a USRN or PW?

  • Lana,

    Only Frontier can tell you that information.

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