How to bridge the GT784WN to be used as a modem only

You should not connect the second router to the unit unless you bridge it first to avoid subnet and NAT issues.
To bridge the unit\connect directly to the unit by Ethernet.
Open browser\type and hit enter.
Click on Manual Setup\If at main menu where home page shows, click Wireless Setup\Disable Radio\click Apply
Click Advanced Setup\Click Broadband Settings\Make sure VPI and VCI values are set to the required ISP settings\apply if you make changes
To the left, click on WAN IP Settings\Select RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging\click Apply
Click on Wireless setup, Select Disable wireless radio\click Apply
The unit will no longer have an Internet LED and you won't be able to get back to the settings without resetting it to defaults. The wireless will be turned off.
Connect your secondary router\program its WAN with your ISP settings for the Internet connection.

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  • Hi, i bought and actiontec GT784WN, when i try to setup the modem doesn't recognize my isp provider, my isp provider doesn't appear in the isp provider list that come with the modem, can i solve this?

    Thanks a lot and excuse my english

  • If your ISP is not on the list you will have to use the manual configuration for your GT784WN by following the steps below.

    If you are setting this up for the first time, or if someone pushed the reset button, you would have to reconfigure it like it was a new modem. You will need the following from your ISP. You will also need to make sure your DSL LED is SOLID GREEN not blinking. A blinking DSL LED means you are not receiving service and cannot get on the Internet.

    VPI and VCI values

    Connection type

    Once you have this information, connect a computer directly to the unit with ethernet.

    Open your browser and type in the Address Bar and hit enter.

    Click on Manual Setup\upper right, click on Advanced Setup\to your left, click on Broadband Settings

    Set the VPI and VCI values\click to apply

    Click on Quick Setup

    Click Next

    Select the connection type

    Enter any details like username\password

    Click Apply

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