Where can I get more information or help on the GT784WN?

If the device was purchased at a Retail or Online Store, please use the following link and check out our "More Ways to Get Help" category.

If the device was purchased from or provided by an ISP then you will need to contact the ISP that provided the modem for information, documentation, and support on this product.   

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  • Two questions:

    Can the power be turned off to the modem without losing the configuration settings?

    Can the modem be used and the wireless inactivated at the same time? If so, how?

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  • David,

    The modem is designed to always stay plugged in and powered on. If you power it off there is a chance you will lose the settings you have configured.

    To disable the wireless follow these steps:

    1. From a computer connected to the unit by ethernet, open your browser and type in the Address Bar, hit enter.
    2. Click Manual setup if the setup menu appears, if not, click the Wireless Setup icon.
    Make sure Wireless is on.
    3.Set the wireless radio state to disable.
    4.Click apply at the bottom of the page.

    You are done! The wireless will now be disabled until you go back and enable the wireless radio using these steps but selecting enable instead. Can we ask why you are disabling the wireless?

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  • Does GT784WN log network errors and restarts? My DSL and internet light go out and then come back on again. Want to track this.

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  • J win,

    No there is no log for this.

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