How can I make a server on my local network, available to Internet users?

Unlike local server traffic, users attempting to access your server from the Internet must pass through the Actiontec Router or Modem SPI Firewall and NAT. To pass through, the port used by the server must be opened in the Firewall. This process is known as Port Forwarding. For example, an FTP server would typically use port 21, so you would want to forward port 21 through the router's firewall to the local address or HOST name of the FTP server. (Ports are identified by a numeric value from 0 - 65535. But the port numbers for the most common servers are in the range from 0 to 1023, so they are referred to as Well Known ports. Since IANA manages this range of ports, their website, "" provides an accurate list of the services and their assigned port numbers.)  

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