Can I Bridge the Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I FiOS router?

The MI424WR Rev. I does not support Transparent-Bridging, and neither Frontier, Verizon nor Actiontec support attempting to bridge it.

Requests to bridge the MI424WR are often based on a misunderstanding that it is both a router and a modem, it is not. (Actiontec does produce DSL Gateways that support Transparent-Bridging. When Transparent-Bridging is enabled, it bypasses or disables the gateway’s router function and allows the Gateway to function simply as a DSL modem.) Many customers do not realize that with FiOS, the ONT (typically outside the home) is the device that most closely resembles a modems function. That it handles changing the FiOS signal from Fiber to either Ethernet or Coax, and that the Router is just a Router, and if it were bridged or bypassed, it would be a device that no longer had a purpose. Most Verizon FiOS customers would lose their VoD service if the MI424WR was successfully bridged in this fashion because the Video on Demand service is dependent on the router to work.

Coax connection to the ONT: 

If your ONT is connected to the Actiontec MI424WR router via Coax (Nothing will be connected to the routers white WAN Ethernet port), the MI424WR is required due to the Coax connection. You may wish to contact Verizon and request that your ONT connection is changed from Coax to Ethernet. If this is done, the following procedure can be used.

Ethernet connection to the ONT:

However, if the ONT is connected to the MI424WR via Ethernet (An Ethernet cable will be connected to the routers white WAN Ethernet port), then in most cases even though the MI424WR cannot be bridged, it can be removed and another router substituted for it.

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  • I have my MI424WR-GEN3I on the 3rd floor and have limited signal in the basement. Can't move downstairs. I have a second MI424WR available.
    Could I use the 2nd one as a repeater to the upstairs router?
    If not, would using a higher gain antenna pointed downwards work?

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  • It amazes me that there is so much advice on how to bridge this modem, some saying yes you can and some saying no you can't, and the ones saying yes you can aren't able to provide accurate step-by-step instructions because they overlook something that they assume you already know, this rendering the instructions useless (Chris Hancock). There is aslo a lot of garbage on You Tube. Bottom line for me is to take a sledgehammer to this POS modem and never buy another from ActionTec.

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  • HI - Easy question?
    What MOCA standard level does the MI242WR Rev I support? Level 1, 1.1, 2 or 2.5?
    How about Rev D and E?

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  • Michael,
    The Rev D, E, F, G and I all support MoCA 1.1.
    For all further support on the MI424WR you will need to contact the ISP.

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  • YES- I did and it was pretty easy-- I have 3 running now... If you need help feel free and ask. Changing ones IP stopped me for a second but then I realized while waiting for the router screen to change after I applied the setting I said  " wait I changed the IP- so I have to put in the new one" That was the hardest part of the job... :-)  I created a access point and from there plugged in another router for one purpose only- to be used outside for more range. If I were to walk a straight line from router to routers.. I would be looking @a range of over 900 feet off of one primary router.

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  • I have an ASUS router that I would like to use instead/bridged from my Verizon labeled (but now handled by Frontier after the buyout) MI424WR Rev I router. Can I do this? I know ASUS keeps up with updates where it seems this MI424WR is now discontinued and will be susceptible to hacks. If I follow the instructions show above will it work and still get full speeds (Gigabit)? Does the ISP (Frontier) allow the switching from the COAX to the Ethernet cable instead?

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  • Matt,

    You can configure the 2nd MI424WR as an access point by changing the LAN IP and disabling the DHCP server. For all support on this device you would need to contact the ISP, however they may not support advanced configurations.

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  • Stephen,
    That will depend on the type of ONT they installed for your service. Most ONT's support Ethernet and Coax connections. If yours supports both you can have them switch to the Ethernet port to use your Asus router and remove the MI424WR router. You may need at least on ECB6200 MoCA adapter installed at the router location to provide MoCA signal to your other MoCA devices.

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  • It depends on what is meant by bridge. I use my actiontec as a secondary router/access point connected via the WAN port to my primary router. The primary router handles the DHCP.

    How to reconfigure the Actiontec MI424WR as an access point/bridge wired to another router over ethernet using the WAN port on the Actiontec.

    1. Plug an ethernet cable into the WAN port of your secondary router and plug the other end into a LAN port on your main router.
    2. Restore the secondary router defaults either with the reset button on the back (holding for 10 seconds while powered on) or from the advanced menu.
    3. Connect to the secondary router admin page via wireless or ethernet using the default address from a browser.
    4. From Advanced\IP Address Distribution\Action Button. Change IP Address Distribution from DHCP Server to Disabled and Apply.
    5. From My Network\Network Connections\Network Home/Office\Settings. Check the box under Bridge next to Broadbank Connection (Ethernet).
    If the subnet of the IP Address does not match the main router, modify it to match and assign a unique last element of the IP.
    Here is the example:
    The Main Router has an IP
    The secondary router has an IP of
    The ceondary router subnet 0 must be modified to match the subnet of the main router and the final address element 1 must be made unique.
    One option is to modify the secondary router IP to be
    Click Apply.
    6. Confirm the admin login screen for the secondary router is now accessible from the
    7. Confirm internet access is maintained when connected to the secondary router.
    8. Confirm that the admin login screen for the secondary router is accessible when connected to the primary router.

    It is recommended to change the SSID Network name at this point as well as set a WPA2 security password instead of the WEP. I also recommend changing the administrator accounts login and password.

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