Can I Bridge the Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I FiOS router?

The MI424WR Rev. I does not support Transparent-Bridging, and neither Frontier, Verizon nor Actiontec support attempting to bridge it.

Requests to bridge the MI424WR are often based on a misunderstanding that it is both a router and a modem, it is not. (Actiontec does produce DSL Gateways that support Transparent-Bridging. When Transparent-Bridging is enabled, it bypasses or disables the gateway’s router function and allows the Gateway to function simply as a DSL modem.) Many customers do not realize that with FiOS, the ONT (typically outside the home) is the device that most closely resembles a modems function. That it handles changing the FiOS signal from Fiber to either Ethernet or Coax, and that the Router is just a Router, and if it were bridged or bypassed, it would be a device that no longer had a purpose. Most Verizon FiOS customers would lose their VoD service if the MI424WR was successfully bridged in this fashion because the Video on Demand service is dependent on the router to work.

Coax connection to the ONT: 

If your ONT is connected to the Actiontec MI424WR router via Coax (Nothing will be connected to the routers white WAN Ethernet port), the MI424WR is required due to the Coax connection. You may wish to contact Verizon and request that your ONT connection is changed from Coax to Ethernet. If this is done, the following procedure can be used.

Ethernet connection to the ONT:

However, if the ONT is connected to the MI424WR via Ethernet (An Ethernet cable will be connected to the routers white WAN Ethernet port), then in most cases even though the MI424WR cannot be bridged, it can be removed and another router substituted for it.

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  • I have my MI424WR-GEN3I on the 3rd floor and have limited signal in the basement. Can't move downstairs. I have a second MI424WR available.
    Could I use the 2nd one as a repeater to the upstairs router?
    If not, would using a higher gain antenna pointed downwards work?

  • Matt,

    You can configure the 2nd MI424WR as an access point by changing the LAN IP and disabling the DHCP server. For all support on this device you would need to contact the ISP, however they may not support advanced configurations.

  • HI - Easy question?
    What MOCA standard level does the MI242WR Rev I support? Level 1, 1.1, 2 or 2.5?
    How about Rev D and E?

  • Michael,
    The Rev D, E, F, G and I all support MoCA 1.1.
    For all further support on the MI424WR you will need to contact the ISP.

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