Where can I find more information, documentation or support for the T3200M?

You will need to contact the ISP that provided the modem for information, documentation, and support on this product.

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  • Great support! No manual - no help - awesome!

  • David,

    We manufacture this device for the ISP Telus. They do not allow us to post their documents on our support site that is why you cannot find it on this website. If you are looking for a manual you can see if Telus has posted it on their support website using the link below. I hope this helps.


    Actiontec Support Team

  • What I would like to know is what about us who chose to purchase this particular modem for our personal use? Where do I get firmware updates from?

  • We do not sell these devices in a retail market so you would need to go to the company that you purchase that unit from. If you purchased it from an unauthorized third party then there is no support at all for that device. 

  • My Telus T3200M modem website blocking function does not work. I just called your technical support line, the support can not solve the problem . I am frustrated for this since you guys are the manufacture. Your support staff keep saying that I can should contact my ISP Telus, which I already did and Telus could not solve the problem . That is why I am calling the manufacture now. Disappointed for this kind of technical support.

  • Edward,
    I am sorry for your frustration, but the reason our technical support team keeps referring you to Telus support is that this is the way Telus wanted it to be in our contact with them they want you to go to them for all technical support. They will not allow us to give out any documentation or provide support even though we made the units for them. I repeat this is the way they wanted it so I do apologize

    If they can't get that feature to work for you ask them to replace the unit. I fear that since this is what they call an advanced feature they will make you pay the advanced support fee. Maybe you could post your question in our community forum to see if another end user has already gotten this to work.


  • Hi Edward,

    I went through the same process quite some time ago and was faced with the same finger pointing result.

    I do empathize with the ActionTec folks being in a weak position given the contractual agreement with the provider (Telus) however to not even provide documentation and/or links to information that may help those of us who are initiated is a poor example of customer service in any form. We may not be a direct customer of Actiontec however we are an indirect customer and should be privvy to at least the documentation on the unit.

    Telus makes matters worse by not providing support for the additional features that the device provides. I seriously question why you would even allow these features to be exposed for use if you are not able to provide sufficient support for those features when customers have questions about them. This is an even poorer example of customer service than the manufacturer. If you are not capable of providing support for it, either let the manufacturer step in or turn those features off entirely.

    On a side note, I'm not sure if you are seeing the same behaviour with your modem Edward however there are a number of people who are now experiencing a phenomenon with the modem where after a week or two, it stops handing out IPv4 addresses and the web interface for the modem is no longer responsive or available. The only workaround is to shut it off and back on. Telus will be more than happy to replace it and then after some time the problem will re-appear. I believe this has occurred through a firmware update given the timing when it started for me. With the inability of Actiontec to provide support and the only troubleshooting resolution that Telus provides is to reboot and then replace the unit when it has a problem, our options are severely limited.



  • I have been having the same issues as many where the connections intermittently drop. I had a Telus technician here in Dec and just yesterday spent hours again on the phone with Telus support. (which all the tech wanted to do was a factory reset yet again and wow it works until the next time). I have screen shots with "Wifi has no internet access" where the status is "connected, no internet". Then suddenly it connects again. I have screenshots of netflix errors NW-1-19 (and again "retry" several times will connect again or go into settings and refresh) . I have a garage door that keeps losing it's mind and hanging the connection. This is extremely frustrating. The same weird device behavior where connected devices seem okay yet new connections (using saved connections&passwords) get errors and don't connect. Then suddenly they do. The kids now think "refresh" and "retry" are normal behavior on the TV xbox macbooks etc. This is bad

    Exactly the same type of things as reported under https://forum.telus.com/t5/Internet-TV-Home-Phone/Intermittent-internet-connection-problems/td-p/90615.

    If these are the reported problems where the users are tech savvy enough to post... there must be many many more out there. And this has been going on for the last half year or so. T3200M firmware 31.164L.18. We need some help from the manufacturer. And wow when I look on your site for a manual ... I see the same issue posted here
    Please look into this... we really need your help. I'm sure many users would help you troubleshoot.

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