How to restore to the C1900A to factory default settings

There are 2 methods to restore default settings.

Method 1: Using a small tool, gently press and hold the reset button until the power light turns amber, then release the button. Restoring the device to factory settings removes all previous user configurations.

Method 2: Log into the device, click on Advanced, click on Configuration, click on the Restore button next to "Restore Modem to Factory Default State". The modem will reset and reboot to factory defaults.

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  • My bonded service is with CenturyLink using your C1900A product and they have been unwilling to contact you regarding my issue that has been with me since I got the service. Used to be every week. Since I updated the firmware it has been a month. I travel a lot. I am out of town now. Using teamviewer to remote in to my desktop computer at home I can access the router, get the login screen, but I can not access any of the menu items (Quick Setup, Utilities, Advance Setup, etc). When attempting to do so it kicks me back to the login screen. I am attempting to do this because I need to reboot the router. My NAS devices are sitting behind it and they are getting hard to access. My experience with your product has taught me what to watch for. So I know it needs to rebooted. Unfortunately, It requires be physically there or being able to get to the utilities menu which I cannot do in it's current condition. Any suggestions?

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  • Don,

    The first question would be what firmware are you using? Next question would be why would you not set up the remote GUI to access your router from an outside IP address? Next question is what kind of things are you trying to access remotely using TeamViewer?

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