How to setup the GT784WN for AT&T DSL Service

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  • Neither this video nor the blue folder entitled "AT&T Customers Read This First" tells the full story, at least not in my experience. The blue folder is correct in that the first time that actiontec quick setup asks for a UN and PW, one must enter "" for the UN and "attreg" for the PW. Applying that will eventually open an ATT window in a new browser tab. At some point the ATT window will ask thefor a "member" UID and PW. The UID is likely the att email and password is the unique PW that either att or the customer set when the att DSL account was first set up. Apply these and keep following screen directions until a page appears that tells you that to complete registration you must enter a "network" UID and PW. This UID and PW will be in red lower down on this page. Open a new browser window at, click quick setup, and when asked enter the "network" UID and PW that was in the att window. In my case the UID was my att email and the PW was a 6 character alphanumeric that appeared to be random. Wait 60 seconds, then procede with the screen directions on the att window. Please note that the correct procedure may depend on the modem firmware. Mine did not give me an "att setup" option under "quick setup" . If you have that option, it may work just like the video says. The key to success is realizing that there are 3 sets of UID's and PW's, and it is essential to give them exactly what they are asking for each time. Also, I found that, unknown to me, my att PW had changed, but they do have a webpage for resetting it, which I had to do. Also, I found on at least one of my tries that nothing worked unless I reset the modem by holding in the recessed reset button on the modem for 5 seconds until the power light turned red, unplugging the modem power cord for 10 seconds and then reinserting the power cord and waiting until the top two lights to turn green before proceeding. I hope this helps someone. The process is not that difficult, but it is very frustrating when there are no complete instructions. Also I should note that, so far at least, the Actiontec GT784WN is a much better modem/router than any of the three ATT has sold me.

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