Is there a way to Reset the Admin username and password back to defaults on my Actiontec device?

Yes, but resetting the password also resets the configuration of the device. So following a reset, the modem or router will need to be completely reconfigured.

To reset the device, begin with the unit powered up and with a solid Green Power light, then using a small tool depress and hold the Reset button on the back of the device just until you see the color of the Power light change from Green to Amber, and then release it before it turns Red.

The length of time that the Reset button must be held to accomplish the reset varies from model to model, but as long as the Reset button is released while the power light is Amber the Reset will be successful.    

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  • The user's question asks if there is a way to reset the Admin user name and password "back to the defaults". Your answer seems to indicate that if you reset the router it automatically goes back to the default Admin user name and password. If that is all that is required to reset these two things back to the defaults, then that answer should suffice. But you then go on to qualify this by saying "following a reset, the modem or router will need to be completely reconfigured" which implies to me that following the reset you describe that there are a whole bunch of other things that need to be done to reconfigure the router after resetting it. And then you don't say what all those additional steps involve. Seems like there is some kind of miscommunication here. So - which is it - is resetting the device using the button at the back enough to put the Admin user name and pw back to the original settings - or are there additional steps needed to reconfigure the device after the reset?

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  • Resetting the device will require you to reconfigure all of your settings. This could be as simple as just reconfiguring your username and password to connect to your ISP to any advanced configurations you might have set such as custom SSID's, any port forwarding rules the user might have configured, etc. We cannot include steps for all of the custom settings a user might have to reconfigure in this one FAQ. I hope this better explains our answer.

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