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We have two different Technical Support groups for our products.

The first group is dedicated to supporting all of our devices EXCEPT for the Commercial Screenbeam Product line. You can receive free email support from this group by clicking on the link below and filling out the form.

Retail Product Email Support

Our second group ONLY provides email support to the ScreenBeam Commerical Product Line. You can receive free email support from this group by clicking on the link below and filling out the form.

ScreenBeam Commercial Product Email Support

All email support requests are handled Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Time excluding major US holidays.

Remember if you like you can call us with all your technical support questions for any product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at 1-888-436-0657


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  • I have an MWTV 200R. I have a new Dish satellite hopper source and a new Samsung 65" UN65MU8000 Series source TV. My receiver TV is an Insignia NS-24E400NA14. My previous satellite was from Direct TV. Now that I have replaced my satellite with a much newer device my wireless tv will not work. What do I do?

  • Please submit your using the following link so our support technicians can answer your question better.


  • I purchased the WEB6000Q extender and I receive the name of the network on my TV as available but it will not connect to my Roku. Can you help me with this problem or should i return the product. Sandra Currie

  • Please submit your question using the following link to our support technicians can answer your question better.


  • First make sure your extender uses a different name or the same name followed by EXT... Go into Roku settings and select the proper connection.. Mine works fine. I would also direct you to a video on how to connect.. https://youtu.be/KKrc6yKsGNo

  • I have the Actiontec WCB6200Q upstairs. I have the modem downstairs plugged into an 8 port switch. I do not have coax upstairs so Do I just connect an Ethernet cable to the WCB6200Q in order for it to work?

  • John,

    The WCB6200Q would have to be plugged into the coax for it to work correctly.

  • But in some cases coax might not work properly because it sometimes lowers the bandwidth causing continues buffing or at least bad pixelation. It's more or less acting like a splitter. That being said you might wanna try a splitter and NOT a cheap one.

  • John Giampaolo, are you just trying to get cable upstairs or a 2nd modem/router? and will you be using it for TV only or for casting and or a firestick??

  • Will T320M work with any ISP or just a specific one ?
    Specifically will a TDS T320M will work with other ISP's ?

  • Yaron,

    The T3200M should work with any VDSL provider as long as you have the correct account settings.

  • No firmware updates are available on this site for the T3200M.
    So flashing the unit with a specific ISP firmware (TDS or other) will still allow the unit to work with other ISP's ?

  • Yaron,

    There should be no need to flash the unit with the firmware from a specific ISP to make it work with that ISP. If you know the correct setting for your new ISP you should be able to set those up on your current firmware.

  • Here is why I am confused about the T3200/T3200M....
    I just received an answer from bpam@actiontec.com.
    I sent them the same question using the "Email Support Request Form page at:
    PLEASE read it & HELP me resolve this issue.
    Where ever you read "TDS" assume that it could be "TDS/Telus/other".

    Your question was:
    Hi, I am from ISRAEL. My intention is to buy the T3200M which is marked "TDS". Should a T3200M marked "TDS" work on other ISP networks or maybe a unit marked "TDS" is locked so it won't work on other ISP networks.
    Thanks - Drukman.

    Actiontec Support Team’s response is:
    No. The software that controls the unit is specifically for TDS and will not work with other service providers.

  • Yaron,

    The email you got from bpam@actiontec.com is correct you will not be able to change the VPI and VCI settings in the T3200M to make it work with another ISP. Sorry for the confusion.

  • What is the Actiontec W1000 Wireles chipset?
    I need this information,but i can't find it.

    thank you

  • chipset- Can you be more specific?

    A chipset is a collection of integrated circuits. So what are you looking to know? Maybe a better question for me to ask you : What are you looking for/to know?

  • Here's the data sheet just if that helps with some of your questions. http://www.centurylink.com/asset/home/help/downloads/internet/m1000-datasheet.pdf

  • I have this strange IP address on my routing table. (
    When I looked up its location it came to Africa!
    How can I block this IP or is it dangerous?
    Two days ago we retired the Action Test to the factory settings.

    firmware: NCS01-1.0.13

  • I have a Mywirelesstv2 and I just connected the Transmitter unit to a new TV but the Link is blinking green slowly. My devices do not have sync buttons.

  • I have a C1900A 802.11n. I was using it for DSL from centurylink. My apartment has heavy centurylink usage and at times it moved extremely slow. I had a fiber optic company added cat5e ports to each apartment. It’s cheaper for this service. I paid for a subscription and plugged the Ethernet into the WAN port on this router but it’s not transmitting data. How can I configure this router to transmit a wireless signal?

  • Caleb,

    You would need to make sure the C1900A is compatible with that fiber optic company. The C1900A is a DSL gateway so I would think that the C1900A is not compatible with them but only they could tell you that.

  • I have a WBC3000N. I thought I had connected everything properly but had a power outage which may have revealed a flawed installation.

    Gateway is Arris TG1682G
    Purchased a WBC3000N.

  • If I purchase a Scientific Atlanta box, and it works as it should, can I upgrade my firmware, even though it is out of warranty?

  • Please pardon my ignorance, but I'm creating a MoCA network in my home and need advice.
    What's the difference between a MoCA bridge and a MoCA adapter?
    I purchased an ActionTEC ECB2500C adapter. Is this all I need to create a MoCA network or do I need to buy a MoCA bridge as well? If I buy a bridge do I also need an adapter for each device on the RF network?

  • James,

    I am not sure what actiontec device you are talking about?

  • RJP,

    The ECB2500C is a MoCA Bridge/Adapter. To use a single ECB2500C you will need a MoCA capable Modem/Router to provide the MoCA signal onto the coax network which would be received by the ECB2500C. If you do not have a MoCA capable modem/router you will need at least 2 ECB2500C adapters.

  • I just called support to request the latest firmware for the ECB6200 H/W 2C. They said I need to submit a request via email. However the link to send them an email is not working and hasn't been working since Thursday Mar 14th. When I explained that to the rep she said she was aware of the issue and that it wouldn't be fixed till Tuesday (Mar 19th)??? However she still can't get me a copy of the firmware until I submit a request via a system that is not available. What kinda company can go without email for almost 5 days?? And is there really no other way to get a customer a copy of the firmware?? No SFTP site?? I love the product but seriously, this level of support is ridiculous.

  • Allen,

    Our servers were down this weekend. All the links should be up and working now.

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