How to fix audio problems with MyWirelessTV

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  • I have a RV DISH Satalite receiver VIP211Z and wanted the rear bedroom HD TV connected to the system. I followed the instructions to the letter and had the units working within minutes. I only problem I had was the rear bedroom that had an excellent picture on the TV, had no sound. I rechecked the connections, and checked and changed cables. The Transmitter was working good, passing audio and video to the main screen, the bedroom was no getting the audio until I decided to change channels with my remote. The audio came to life on the bedroom set. I then changed it back to the original channel, and the audio kept on working. Everything is now working great!! I hooked up the remote cables, they work as well. Love the product! It is about 25 feet from transmitter to receiver in my RV. Thanks for a really great product.

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