R3000 Firmware Upgrades

Actiontec does not maintain/provide firmware upgrades for devices supplied by an Internet Service Provider.

Contact your ISP for firmware upgrades for devices supplied by the ISP.

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  • I was just talking with my ISP customer support. They were basically clueless about the possibility of updating router firmware. They told me to contact you.

  • Michael,

    Unfortunately, since this device was made only to work with your ISP they are the only ones who can do the firmware upgrades. We do not have access to the firmware upgrade files. Your ISP is the only one that can do the upgrades. It could be that your ISP pushes the firmware upgrades automatically and this could be why their support team does not know how to do it. Can you tell me what firmware you are currently using? We might be at least be able to tell you if you are running the most current firmware.

  • I take from your post that the R3000 is manufactured specifically for my ISP.

    I've responded by email.

  • Michael,

    I was able to find your email, but in the future please do not respond to us by email, because those emails go to a no reply email address that no one monitors. But to answer your question we believe that the latest firmware for that device as of today 5/30/18 is the one ending in the number 16. But your ISP would have to confirm that.

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