Is there a Firmware Update for my Actiontec device?

Our support team has created a document that contains a list of all of our current and legacy devices and their latest firmware. You will have to download the attached document to check for an upgrade for your device.

How do if read this document? 

  1. You have to find your model number down the left side of the page in the blue sections
    • If your Model number is NOT on this list you will need to contact the ISP for firmware updates.
  2. Just to the right of the model number, you will find the firmware version number. 

NOTE: If the firmware version number is RED this would indicate a recently released update. Once you see that a new upgrade is available at that point you will have to navigate to the product page for that device and find the "Firmware" section and follow the steps there to download and install that update. If you are still having troubles locating a firmware or a device let us know below in the comments section.   


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  • I have two WCB-3000N devices. I don't see updated firmware for them. Are they susceptible to KRACK or not? If they are, when will there be a firmware upgrade?

  • Jeff,
    They are not susceptible to the KRACK vulnerability. So no firmware upgrade is needed.

  • Hi-- I have a MI424WR router through Verizon FiOS. The firmware list I just downloaded ("Last Updated on 6/8/2018") says the latest version for that model is, but my router's home page says 40.21.24. Is that a separate numbering system for Verizon, or is there some other reason for the discrepancy? Thanks!

  • W. Schneck,

    What Revision letter is your MI424WR A,B,C,D,E,F,G or I?

  • It's Revision I. Thanks.

  • The reason I ask what revision you have is that the is for the Rev G. The 40.21.24 is for the Rev I. You CANNOT put a firmware made for one Revvion on another revision. If you have the Rev. I then 40.21.24 is the latest and greatest from Verizon.

  • My GT784WN was originally provided by my ISP, TDS Telecom.
    Its firmware version is 1.1L.9.
    The PDF file with current version numbers lists NCS01 - 1.0.14.
    Is that 1.1L.9 a TDS number or an Actiontec number?

  • Bob,

    1.0.14 is the most current firmware for the NCS version of the GT784WN. But you CANNOT load that firmware on a unit that was made for TDS. The 1.1L.9 is the most current version of firmware for a TDS unit.

  • I have two routers from Verizon I turned into switches to add more LAN and WiFi range after my G1100. The first is a MI424-WR
    Rev D on firmware and the other is a MI424WR-GEN2 Rev F on I just upgraded to gigabit service but neither router goes over 100 Mbps. Is the an update for either? Verizon was no help for me.

  • Rob,

    Both the Rev D and Rev F have been discontinued by Actiontec. There will be no further grades for either device.

  • I have GT704-WG Rev B. I see GT704-WG on the list, but without an update. I'm concerned about security of my router. Thoughts? Thanks, Michelle

  • Michelle,

    The GT704-WGB has been discontinued by us and is no longer being produced and has not been produced for many years now. I would recommend getting a new modem based on your ISP's recommendations.

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