Where can I find more information, documentation or support for the C1000A?

Actiontec made the C1000A for the ISP (Internet Service Provider) CenturyLink and they do not allow us to post User Manuals or Guides on our website. So you will need to contact them or look on their website for more information. If you are still unable to find something on the CenturyLink site please let us know in the comments section below and we will see if we can help you locate the information you are looking for. 

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  • I'm having a problem where LAN devices loose connectivity. It appears mostly on devices that are on continuously, and it seems that they can't get an IP address. The "Automatically set DHCP Reservation on DHCP allocation" is enabled (and seems to re-enable itself on reboot). Since the displayed table doesn't show all the reservations, I suspect the table gets full. Can that be a cause of not getting an address?

  • Jim,

    Where and when did you get your C1000A?

  • I got the C1000A from CenturyLink several years ago. Their Tech Support has limited information on the device, even at higher support levels, thus I addressed the issue to you.

  • Jim,

    Are all your LAN device connected directly to the C1000A or are they connected to a switch or hub that is then connected to the C1000A? Also what firmware is installed on your C1000A? Also "Automatically set DHCP Reservation on DHCP allocation" is enabled by default.

  • Hi.
    The devices are connected via switches. The firmware version is CAC003-31.30L.86.

    The switch question nudged me to think of the MAC tables, so I moved the Wireless AP to it's own port on the C1000A (wireless was turned off since I used an Ubiquiti AP in order to get 5GHz channels). We'll see if that fixes anything.

    BTW, I shut off the wireless by setting up a schedule that had the wireless off except for a few minutes each day. I now can't get it to turn on, even after disabling the schedule. Status shows Wireless state: Radio Enabled, SSID disabled, Security enabled. The wireless light is off. Any guidance?

  • Jim,

    It sounds like you are using this in a business environment. Is that correct? If this is the case I would recommend you get a business class router for your environment and set the c1000a up as a transparent bridge. Essentially just turning the c1000a into just a plain modem and removing all of its routing and wireless functions. Then set up your new router to authenticate with Centurylink. This is something Centurylink should be able to help you with. If not they have a Tier 3 line with us they would have to contact at that point with them, on the line, one of our techs would be able to walk you thru that setup of the transparent bridge settings. Then you would need to have the new router manufacturer help you set up the authentication with Centurylink.

    As for your wireless issue, we have not seen this before. I would recommend that you restore it to defaults and start completely over with it. To remove any odd configurations that may be causing the conflict.

  • Hi.

    Thanks for the quick response.
    I'm not using this in a business environment. It's a single-family house. I do have a lot of stuff (40 devices, 31 are wireless).

    Your perspective of CenturyLink is different than my experience. They try, but have limited knowledge or information. CenturyLink's recommendation is to replace the router if they don't know how to fix an issue.

    I got a decent price on a Technicolor C2100T, which gives me dual-band and will work with Gigabit Fiber, should that come. So, I'll start over with that one.

    Thanks for all your help.



  • Hi,
    Can the C1000A "modem" (actually ADSL router) be set to interleave in oder to increase the upload speed?
    Thanks, Peter

  • For Jim - can't get WiFi to turn on - try setting the WiFi (and only the WiFi) back to default settings. I ran into this after trying to add several devices to the MAC tables and the modem stopped and started each time. Eventually, it would not start even though the access software showed that it was on. Doing this allowed me to turn the WiFi back on and it works fine.

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