MyWirelessTV 2 Firmware Upgrades

There are currently no firmware upgrades for this device.

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  • Hello - we are using iPads with a HDMI lightning adapter in our conference room and after the last iOS update the iPads won't video work with our MWTV2s. Is there a firmware update in the works?

  • Jeff,

    If an IOS update caused the issue so the IPads were no longer able to provide a audio/video signal to the transmitter you would need to contact Apple.
    There are no planned firmware updates for this series.
    Actiontec also recommends an HDMI-HDMI connection and the use of adapters is not supported.

  • This is an HDMI to HDMI connection, the iPad doesn't have an HDMI output but you can buy an Apple HDMI to Lightening plug.

    The sad part is that it no longer works and so I can't use these devices anymore. Maybe you should let potential buyers know that iPads are not supported.

  • Jeff,

    We are sorry for this inconvenience but it was the Ipad update that stopped your devices from working. That is why we suggested you speak with Apple to see what they changed to see what caused your device from working correctly.

  • You might want to be more clear (this would have saved me time in any case) and specify the model whenever product name is mentioned to keep clear separation of MWTV2 from the earlier model... and it's Firmware updates which are unrelated but appear in the "related articles" section when they really aren't related.

    Also with MWTV2 - the statement that there are no FW updates Feb 2017 might want to also indicate the brief links to determine the FW (It took a while to get the manual which tells how to check), and the link to the latest FW (also took time to find which tells the latest FW) - just so one can easily check those 2 things in case that older statement went stale and wasn't true anymore.

  • The latest iOS 11.3.1 update appears to fix the issue - so it was an Apple issue

  • Jeff,

    Glad to hear it is working for you once again.

  • Hello, I have purchased Actiontec MyWirelessTV2 recently. I have connected the transmitter to HDMI out port on my laptop. Connected receiver to HDMI input port on my Samsung UHD TV. But on the TV it says "Connecting to Transmitter" and "Detecting for Transmitter" and after some time it says "Cannot connect to Transmitter" and gives 3 steps. I tried keeping both the transmitter and receiver beside each other, but nothing happened. The green link lights keeps blinking all the time. Can you please advise?


  • David,

    First make sure that the last 4 digits of the serial numbers match for both the Tx and Rx units. If the numbers do not match then you need to return to place of purchase for a replacement set.
    If the serial numbers match then unplug all cables from the Tx unit then plug only the power connection. If the Rx is able to connect to the Tx you should get "Unable to detect video signal" message on the Rx tv. If you still continue to get the "Cannot connect to Transmitter" message on the Rx Tv then contact Technical support at 8884360657 M-F 9a-6p for further troubleshooting.

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