MyWirelessTV 2 Firmware Upgrades

There are currently no firmware upgrades for this device.

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  • Hello - we are using iPads with a HDMI lightning adapter in our conference room and after the last iOS update the iPads won't video work with our MWTV2s. Is there a firmware update in the works?

  • Jeff,

    If an IOS update caused the issue so the IPads were no longer able to provide a audio/video signal to the transmitter you would need to contact Apple.
    There are no planned firmware updates for this series.
    Actiontec also recommends an HDMI-HDMI connection and the use of adapters is not supported.

  • This is an HDMI to HDMI connection, the iPad doesn't have an HDMI output but you can buy an Apple HDMI to Lightening plug.

    The sad part is that it no longer works and so I can't use these devices anymore. Maybe you should let potential buyers know that iPads are not supported.

  • Jeff,

    We are sorry for this inconvenience but it was the Ipad update that stopped your devices from working. That is why we suggested you speak with Apple to see what they changed to see what caused your device from working correctly.

  • You might want to be more clear (this would have saved me time in any case) and specify the model whenever product name is mentioned to keep clear separation of MWTV2 from the earlier model... and it's Firmware updates which are unrelated but appear in the "related articles" section when they really aren't related.

    Also with MWTV2 - the statement that there are no FW updates Feb 2017 might want to also indicate the brief links to determine the FW (It took a while to get the manual which tells how to check), and the link to the latest FW (also took time to find which tells the latest FW) - just so one can easily check those 2 things in case that older statement went stale and wasn't true anymore.

  • The latest iOS 11.3.1 update appears to fix the issue - so it was an Apple issue

  • Jeff,

    Glad to hear it is working for you once again.

  • Hello, I have purchased Actiontec MyWirelessTV2 recently. I have connected the transmitter to HDMI out port on my laptop. Connected receiver to HDMI input port on my Samsung UHD TV. But on the TV it says "Connecting to Transmitter" and "Detecting for Transmitter" and after some time it says "Cannot connect to Transmitter" and gives 3 steps. I tried keeping both the transmitter and receiver beside each other, but nothing happened. The green link lights keeps blinking all the time. Can you please advise?


  • David,

    First make sure that the last 4 digits of the serial numbers match for both the Tx and Rx units. If the numbers do not match then you need to return to place of purchase for a replacement set.
    If the serial numbers match then unplug all cables from the Tx unit then plug only the power connection. If the Rx is able to connect to the Tx you should get "Unable to detect video signal" message on the Rx tv. If you still continue to get the "Cannot connect to Transmitter" message on the Rx Tv then contact Technical support at 8884360657 M-F 9a-6p for further troubleshooting.

  • How come the MWTV2 was not designed with wall hanging keyholes on the underside of the units (seems that the first and third gen does have them)? My MWTV2 came with two sets of round velcro pads that I have assumed are for the purpose of vertical mounting although nothing is stated in the literature that came in the box. The only problem is using hook and loop tape makes both units protrude from the wall and is not stable at all. I guess it is time to break out the zip ties and find somewhere behind the TV (not the most beautiful option but functional).

  • Neal,

    Unfortunately, we here at technical support do not know they did not include that in the design. Sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

  • Good morning,

    I recently tested an old pair of the Mytv2 devices and upon seeing that they work I went and bought a new pair. After buying the new pair and setting them up, my Windows 10 PC will not play sound. When I look into the playback sound options it is telling my that my sound is running through a Samsung device. Well, I have no Samsung device connected to my computer outside of my SSD, which doesn't play sound. I cannot seem to get any sound no matter what I do. I have tried power cycling a load of times and rebooting my PC all the time as well. Is there anything else I can do to try and get the audio to play like it should?

    My setup:
    HDMI from computer to transmitter
    HDMI from receiver to monitor
    Transmitter and receiver are about 6 feet away from each other in full view.

  • Brett,
    It would appear that the 'monitor" is a Samsung, if that is what showing as an available playback device.
    To provide better assistance please contact our Technical support at 8884360657 or submit a support ticket at the following link.

    Please provide a detailed description of the setup/connections. If you call make sure you are with the product for troubleshooting.

  • I'm using firmware Is this the latest firmware? I'm connected from one LG to another LG. The picture quality frequently has tears and the sound is intermittent. The transmitter and receiver have a clear line of sight about 20 feet apart.

  • Russel, is the current firmware for the units.
    Picture quality is usually due to incorrect settings on the source device (ie., dvr, stb, etc.) or wireless interference. If you would like troubleshooting assistance contact our Technical support dept via phone or email.

  • Until yesterday I had no problems with MyWirelessTV2. Its only a little over a year old and until now i've had very few issues. Now the host TV (transmitting device) either has no sound/ picture or doesn't have either, but the receiving TV picture works fine picture and sound. Or after restarting everything both Tv's has picture yet no sound. There is a home theatre system in place that your device has been working fine with, so i'm out of solutions. 

    it feels like the transmitting tv and receiving tv are competing for the signal, when both sets are restarted the host tv works fine but when the receiving tv link is complete it steals both the audio and video.

    Please tell me that your device hasn't crapped out after only a year, I do like it when it works.

  • John,
    First try a restore to defaults by pressing the menu button on the MWTV2 Rx unit for 5 seconds then releasing. If still no a/v on main tv try bypassing the home theater system. Go directly from the source device (stb, dvr) to the MWTV2 Tx to the main tv. If you get a/v then it will be settings on the theater system were changed in some way.
    Try a different HDMI port on the TV. (Do not use MHL or ARC ports).
    If still no a/v check settings on the source (dvr, stb).
    Resolution: 1080i
    Format: stretch
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    HDMI Audio: Dolby Digital, stereo or LPCM
    Native mode: off

    If your still not getting any a/v on main tv then it is possible the "HDMI out to TV" port is bad and the units would need to be replaced.

  • Some time ago I bought a Mywirelesstv first generation kit and worked very well for 2 or 3 years; having this nice experience as reference I decided to invest some money in order to refresh the old device for one of the 2nd generation one.

    For mywirelesstv2, operation distance between each device is lower than 30 feet (transmitter is plug directly to Sat device and receptor is plug directly to TV), when I check in the receptor signal strength (receptor side) , shows good signal level, with more than the half of bars highlighted (connection state: WIVU-109FA9CB2EEE); the problem I have is every time I try to watch the TV in the receptor side, in the best of the cases when connection is established, connection is broken after 10 minutes or less, with no connection until I unplug both devices several times, repeating after same behavior than before, with the annoying connection issue.

    As you could imagine I’m really frustrated and disappointed, because devices of 1st generation were rock solid stable; is there something I could do to make the device work? Is there any firmware update available to fix this issue? if I keep them as they are nowadays , are practically useless.

    I forgot mention, I reset the receptor device, pressing 5 seconds; I’ve change hdmi ports in the TV and even I’ve tried in a different TV getting exactly same result

  • Juan,
    There could be a couple things causing the issue you are experiencing depending on the message displayed on the tv's during the loss of signal. First would be some sort of wireless interference on the 5Ghz band. Make sure neither adapter is sitting on or next to speakers, on or next to the power adapters of your cable box, dvr or tv. Make sure the source device settings are set correctly.
    Manually change the wireless channel on the MWTV2
    If the adapters are still within the warranty period you can contact our support at 8884360657

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