Powerline Network Adapter 500 Series Firmware Upgrades

There are currently no firmware upgrades for these devices.

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  • I'm constantly being told I need to update the firmware on the powerline adapters because of the intermittent internet connection drops all day long. since there is no firmware upgrades, whats the next option?

  • Who is telling you to upgrade your powerline firmware? What model do you have?

  • my company IT department and ISP, because it keeps dropping internet. my wife is directly connected to the modem/router upstairs never has this issue but i'm connected via the Powerline Network Adapter 500 Series downstairs and it drops randomly throughout the day everyday.

  • Cornelius,

    As the article states there are no firmware updates for this device. If you are dropping a connection with your device this could be because of several different issues.

    1. Are the power line adaptors on the same side of the fuse box? the signal sent from the router usually has an issue crossing over to the other side of the fuse box.
    2. Since the internet signal is sent over the power lines in your home any electrical device plugged into the same circuit on the same fuse as your home plug device can cause interference.
    3. The wiring in your house can cause interference depending on its age.
    4. These devices have been discontinued for several years now. So I there will be no firmware upgrades released.

    I would recommend you look into using some of our Moca Network adaptors if you are NOT using a satellite internet provider.

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