MyWirelessTV Firmware Upgrade

Important Note: Firmware is ONLY for customers with either Scientific Atlanta or Cisco Cable set-top-boxes and experiencing 'no audio' issue. You'll need a special HDMI cable along with this firmware. The HDMI cable will be shipped to you via USPS at no cost to you. As you move to the Contact US link, please provide the following information in your request for the HDMI cable:
•Your Mailing Address:
•Your TV Service Provider:
•The Make and Model of your Scientific Atlanta or Cisco:

Cable Installation Note: The 'special' HDMI cable that you receive must be connected to the HDMI port on the cable box and then to your regular HDMI cable that is connected to the Transmitter's Input port is connected to the other end of the 'special' HDMI cable you received.

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