MyWirelessTV Firmware Upgrade

Important Note: firmware is recommended only for units with version Also, this file must be unzipped before starting the upgrade process.

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  • Followed instructions carefully and it It won't flash! I verified that my units were version, used provided USB mini-adapter on transmitter, USB port on receiver and needer initiate the flashing process. It's like the units did not detect the connected thumb drive. Tried several times. Also, I own two sets of MyWirelessTV and neither one worked!!! Please provide working FW update.

  • How did you format that thumb drive is it FAT32 or NTFS? Please follow the steps below to format the thumb drive using FAT32

    Click Start > Computer
    Right-click the Flash drive if it shows up there
    Click Format
    Click on the File system list box and select FAT32

    Click Start


    If that does not work:

    Click Start, right-click Computer
    Click Manage

    Expand Storage > click Disk Management

    Select the thumb drive in the Volume list
    Right-click it and click Format

    Click on the File system: list box and select FAT32
    Click OK

    if that doesn't work follow these same steps but select FAT instead.

  • Checked flash drive under properties. It says FAT32. The flash drive has a single file in it called "aei_mwtv.bin" at the root directory. The file size is 14.6 MB (15,335,456 bytes). Anything else I can check?

  • Juice,

    You can try formatting it to just FAT

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