MyWirelessTV Firmware Upgrade

Important Note: firmware is recommended only for units with version Also, this file must be unzipped before starting the upgrade process.

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  • Followed instructions carefully and it It won't flash! I verified that my units were version, used provided USB mini-adapter on transmitter, USB port on receiver and needer initiate the flashing process. It's like the units did not detect the connected thumb drive. Tried several times. Also, I own two sets of MyWirelessTV and neither one worked!!! Please provide working FW update.

  • How did you format that thumb drive is it FAT32 or NTFS? Please follow the steps below to format the thumb drive using FAT32

    Click Start > Computer
    Right-click the Flash drive if it shows up there
    Click Format
    Click on the File system list box and select FAT32

    Click Start


    If that does not work:

    Click Start, right-click Computer
    Click Manage

    Expand Storage > click Disk Management

    Select the thumb drive in the Volume list
    Right-click it and click Format

    Click on the File system: list box and select FAT32
    Click OK

    if that doesn't work follow these same steps but select FAT instead.

  • Checked flash drive under properties. It says FAT32. The flash drive has a single file in it called "aei_mwtv.bin" at the root directory. The file size is 14.6 MB (15,335,456 bytes). Anything else I can check?

  • Juice,

    You can try formatting it to just FAT

  • Hi. Please help. I'm trying to update the firmware for 1 transmitter and 2 receivers and am following the instructions to the letter. Current firmware is for all 3 devices. I've downloaded the latest firmware (v, extracted it, loaded it on a thumb drive formatted with FAT32, installed the thumb drive, powered up. Power light flashes green for a few seconds then goes solid. Sync light is flashing red/green and nothing seems to be happening. Can you please help? Thanks in advance.

  • Gary,

    Please try formatting your hard drive with just FAT not FAT 32 and let us know if that works for you.

  • The only available formatting options are NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT

  • FYI I tried using all 3 options and it has not worked.....

  • Formatted my flash drive with just FAT (as recommended) and it still doesn't work!!! I'm experiencing the exact same thing that Mr Pagan describes "Power light flashes green for a few seconds then goes solid. Sync light is flashing red/green and nothing seems to be happening". Maybe the reason why only "1 out of 8 found this helpful" is because it just doesn't work as advertised. Maybe the 1 person that found this useful can share what he\she did to get it to work :(

  • I got mine upgraded and here's what I ended up doing. 2 things helped.

    1. If you're on version, you can't directly upgrade to the latest firmware. You must first upgrade to THEN you can upgrade to the latest firmware. You can get the .40 upgrade from Actiontec. It's not on the website.

    2. This may or may not make a difference but I changed out the thumb drive I was using (32GB) and found an older 2GB drive and formatted it with FAT32. I vaguely remember hearing something about older devices not recognizing newer/larger thumb drives.

    Regardless, the end result was both devices were successfully upgraded and it works properly with my new TV's. Good luck.

  • Gary,

    Correct on upgrading firmware from, it does need to be step upgraded to before upgrading to or the firmwares.
    Sometimes using the "Full Format" option instead of the "Quick Format" can make a difference depending on the USB Flash drive and size.

  • The above-referenced directions are shamefully unclear. I have firmware installed on TX and RX. Can I or should I upgrade to Would be helpful if someone would indicate what features and/or bug fixes are included.
    Secondly, would this upgrade allow me to use 1 transmitter and 2 receivers?
    Finally, does the transmitter currently support the industry standard MiraCast? If not, when will this happen? Your users have spent lots of money on these devices, and we deserve to be able to use these in multiple configurations to support our needs. Anxiously awaiting your positive responses.

  • So, where can I get firmware so I can upgrade to Why is .40 not available on the website if it's required to upgrade to (as per previous posts)? It would make it much easier for customers to undergo this process if it was clearly spelled out in the upgrade instructions and if all the necessary resources were easily available instead of having to make a special request . Also, what improvements and\or bug fixes are included in the .68 firmware?

  • @jim_burd
    The Firmware of is for the MWTV2 series not the MWTV200 series. The MWTV2 series can not use multiple receivers.
    There are NO firmware upgrades for the MWTV2 series.

    Here is the link to the product page for the MWTV2 series.

  • @juice polished
    To get the firmware you need to submit a support ticket at the following link..

  • I just purchased a MyWirelessTV2. How do I know if I need to do an update? It is working fine.

  • Penny,

    Unless you begin to experience issues there is no need to update your device. Most firmware upgrades are put out to fix issues that some users have with a particular setup. If your setup is working fine there is no need to update your devices. Also if you just purchased your devices they should be on the latest firmware already

  • Is it possible to step backwards from firmware v. down to v.
    I moved my system around and noticed some signal degradation, prompting me to look into the upgrades. I started with v., stepped up to v., then onto v. I went from 2 signal bars of strength originally to full bars with, then down to 3 or 4 bars with Possible to step back down, or was I seeing false signal strength?

  • Jeremy,
    It is possible but not recommended to downgrade firmwares. Wireless signal strength is based on the environment the units are placed. It would be recommended to change the wireless channels to see if that resolves the issue. If you would like to still downgrade the units you need to fill out the email request form at the following link.

  • These instructions suck! This is NOT a $10 item especially if you have more than 1 receiver. I will NEVER buy another ACTIONTEC product again. No Support unless you jump through hoops and then pay again. Really bad marketing.

  • What firmware is currently on the Transmitter and receiver units?
    If you have never upgraded your devices the firmware will be listed on the sticker of the unit, otherwise you may have to get the version ( or from the Advanced Setup icon in the Receiver's interface.

    Verify that the file listed in the Root Directory of the USB thumb/flash drive is listed 'aei_mwtv.bin' . Insert the drive into one of units, remove the Power, count to 5 and re-power. If the unit is reading the drive your Power/Sync LEDs will flicker for 2-5 minutes and go completely out. When the Power LED is solid Green, remove the drive and repeat the process with your other units.

  • I was having the same problem as a lot of you and got it to work, so hopefully this helps someone...

    When formatting the flash drive be sure to format it as FAT32. I'm on a Mac and thought I was formatting it correctly but the default settings during formatting aren't the right settings. Use a small flash drive (mine was 8gb) and when formatting to FAT (MS-DOS) make sure to choose Master Boot Record as the scheme. If you don't choose that the transmitter and receiver will not be able to detect the flash drive.

    Hope that helps because it took me many tries to get it working.

  • Not sure if anyone is still using MyWirelessTV 1 but here is what I did to get it to update the flash:

    1. Fat32 formatted 8gb flash drive - added firmware
    2. Installed flash drive - Did factory reset instead of power cycle - worked.

  • Let me share my own experience, with the hope it might help others.

    Watch Actiontec's video on Youtube, and in particular, note things which are shown but not really highlighted by a verbal description by the presenter.

    Disconnect all cables/wiring, including power, from both Transmitter and Receiver.
    Connect USB thumb drive to the Transmitter
    Power up just the Transmitter.
    Wait for update to complete
    Disconnect power from the Transmitter
    Connect USB thumb drive to the Receiver
    Power up just the Receiver
    Wait for the update to complete
    Disconnect power from the Receiver
    Reconnect all video and remote cables to both the Transmitter and the Receiver
    Power up the Transmitter
    Power up the Receiver

    Hope this helps someone.

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