Why is my Sync light blinking red and green? I don't get any video and audio on the remote TV.

The "Sync' light is blinking red and green because the MyWirelessTV devices cannot connect to each other. The MyWirelessTV devices could be out of range of each other or having difficulty initiating a connection between each other, or there is interference from some other wireless device in the proximity of your MyWirelessTV devices.

The steps below will help you troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Power down and disconnect the MyWirelessTV Transmitter from the source (i.e. Cable TV box). Then bring the Transmitter closer to the Receiver and power-cycle both units. Then check the following;
    1. Check both of the MyWirelessTV devices, the Sync LEDs on each of them should be rapidly blinking GREEN.
    2. Look at the TV that's connected to the MyWirelessTV Receiver; check the "Source Select" message on the top left of the corner of the TV. It should display a "Connected" or "HDMI unplugged" message.
    3. Press the (I) button on the remote control provided with your kit. The popup that appears should display the connection status of both Transmitter and Receiver with IP addresses of 192.168.3.x.
  2. If the Sync LEDs are slowly blinking GREEN, move the unit(s) closer to each other to verify that the units can pair with each other at a closer range.
    1. Press and hold Sync button on both units at the same time for 5 seconds, and then release. Wait for 2 minutes and
    2. The Sync LEDs should begin to rapidly blink GREEN. If not it does not move the devices closer to each other and repeat step "a"
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