Why am I losing video on the local or remote TV when I have my Audio/Video Receiver connected to the MyWirelessTV device, when it works fine if I connect the MyWirelessTV device directly to my STB/DVR/Blu-Ray?

Certain source devices are not compatible with a dual repeater setup. Your Audio/Video Receiver and MyWirelessTV Transmitter are both considered a repeater, therefore the source device may fail to authenticate properly and this can cause the video to flicker, or distorted video to be seen on the TV display.

To eliminate this issue, Power-cycle the MyWirelessTV Transmitter, and or all the devices in the setup at the same time (if at all possible). Check the Actiontec.com website for the latest firmware for the MyWirelessTV device. We're constantly updating our software to improve any known compatibility issues.

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