How do I configure my WPB3000 to match my existing wireless network?

To change the settings for your WPB3000 to match your existing wireless network follow the "How to change the wireless settings for the WPB3000 Guide".

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  • Would this WiFi extender be a good match for my GT784WN? I have AT+T DSL, and DirecTv. I'm also concerned the best match would be too expensive right now.

  • It may be a solution for your environment. You will also need a PWR500 or PWR504 adapter installed at the modem/router location to provide the signal to the WPB3000 adapter. These products were discontinued.

  • What would be a better solution?

  • H. Allender,

    Our recommended solution with current Actiontec products would be an ECB6200 adapter installed at the modem/router location and a WCB6200Q installed at the remote area where you are trying to get internet access.

  • If I had at least $300 to spare, that would be easy enough. What's Plan B?

  • H. Allender,
    Unfortunately, Actiontec does not have a solution for your needs. Other manufacturers may have a solution based on your budget. These are possible options to consider.
    1. Use Power-line devices to provide wired or wireless connectivity to remote devices.
    2. Use MoCA devices to provide wired/wireless connectivity to remote devices.
    3. Run Ethernet cabling to desired locations/devices for internet connectivity.
    4. Relocate the main modem/router to a central location to provide a balanced wired and wireless connection to devices.

  • THANK YOU! While I would prefer to do business with Actiontec, I am so thankful that I still have my GT784WN, which has been so reliable (I chose to buy my modem instead of using the sub-par ones issued by AT+T). And I really appreciate your helpful solutions to getting better wi-fi availability in my residence. Not all companies would care enough to give such possible solutions, especially when it concerns a client with a tight budget (which I'm sure will change, but I can only work with what I have now). Thank you again for your helpfulness, professionalism, and quick responses. You can bet that when my budget changes, I'll be running back to Actiontec for my needs. You guys are five gold stars and A+++++ in my book!

  • I have Fios and have the Actiontec (WCB3000N). I can't seem to get it to mirror my existing network. It creates a new name that is similar to my network and I can use the same password, but I want the original network extended and I don't want to be switching between to networks as I roam my home. Can you help?

  • Tim,

    Where did you get your WCB3000N from?

  • Amazon.

  • Tim,
    If you want the wireless name and password to match exactly, you will need to manually configure the wireless settings to match your routers wireless settings. By default the WCB3000N will assign an -Ext to each network. To access the WCB3000N interface you need to get the IP address from your router that it assigned to the WCB3000N.

  • Thanks! Do you have instructions on how to do that so it’s set up properly?

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