Can I watch TV remotely even when my A/V Receiver is turned off? I don't want to leave my A/V Receiver powered on and/or I do not want to hear the sound out of my surround sound system.

Yes. Most of the newest A/V Receivers should provide a feature called "HDMI Pass-Through" or "Standby Pass-through" that allows video source to pass the video and audio signals over HDMI cable, even when the receiver is in standby (OFF) mode. Refer to your A/V Receiver user manual, and/or the video source (i.e. Blu-Ray player) user manual, and also check the cable for compatibility with the "HDMI Pass-Through" or "Standby Pass-through" feature. If your A/V Receiver does not support this feature, you must leave the A/V Receiver ON and turn down or mute the volume.

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  • Or just install the transmitting unit inline between the STB and the receiver (if the transmitting unit does not have a HDMI pass through use a 1 to 2 HDMI splitter). Then the only thing that will need to be powered is the STB when using the Actiontec product. This is what I did in order to not have my audio system on when using the TV in the bedroom. On a side note I already use a Harmony Hub & Echo so am able to control the entire system by voice eliminating having to have two remotes or carry one around from room to room. I am having a bit of problem running the receiving unit into the Onkyo receiver in the bedroom as I just get a green screen/no audio but everything works if I go directly to the TVs HDMI. I will fiddle with the receivers settings a bit.

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