How come firmware upgrade does not work?

Make sure you've downloaded the latest software driver from the support page and copy it into the root directory of your USB thumb drive. Follow the instruction provided on the Driver/Firmware Updates section.

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  • I had the same problem. However, after many attempts, I was able to finally get it to work (update).

    I would suggest the following based on my experience:

    Watch Actiontec's video on Youtube, and in particular, note things which are shown but not really highlighted by a verbal description.

    Disconnect all connections, including power, from both Transmitter and Receiver.
    Connect USB thumb drive to the Transmitter
    Power up just the Transmitter.
    Wait for update to complete
    Disconnect power from the Transmitter
    Connect USB thumb drive to the Receiver
    Power up just the Receiver
    Wait for the update to complete
    Disconnect power from the Receiver
    Reconnect all video and remote cables to both the Transmitter and the Receiver
    Power up the Transmitter
    Power up the Receiver

    Hope that helps.

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