How to add PWR500 powerline network adapter to an existing encrypted 200AVP powerline adapter network

This procedure allows you to add a PWR500 Powerline Network Adapter to an existing encrypted 200AVP MegaPlug Powerline Adapter network.

Note: Before attempting to encrypt PWR500 and 200AVP adapters, restore all of the
Powerline adapters to factory defaults.


  1. Plug the PWR500 adapter into an outlet on the same electrical circuit as your existing 200AVP Powerline network.
  2. Press the Security button on the bottom of one of the networked 200AVP adapters for 6-9 seconds to generate a random security key.
  3. All three LEDs on the 200AVP adapter will illuminate for 1 second, then go dark, signifying reboot. After the reboot, the Power LEDs will glow solid green. The first adapter has created a new unique encryption key.
  4. Press the Security button on the PWR500 adapter for 10 seconds.
  5. Press the Security button for 1-3 seconds on the 200AVP adapter. The Power LED will begin to flash. This signifies that the adapter is attempting to exchange the encryption key with other devices.
  6. Within two minutes of performing step 5, press the Security button on the PWR500 adapter for 1-3 seconds. The Power LED will begin to flash. After a few seconds, the Power LED will glow solid green, and the Link LEDs will light up on both units.

The PWR500 adapter has joined the existing encrypted Powerline network.


  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add additional adapters to the network.
  • When installing additional adapters, be aware that every adapter’s Security/Reset button must be pressed and released within two minutes to allow the adapters to communicate.
  • A network with different throughput conditions can be created, but performance will vary.
  • To ensure connectivity between adapters, all adapters you wish to network together must be on the same circuit in your breaker box.
  • The attached document are these same steps but in a PDF format so you can download and save them for future reference. 
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