Why does the picture quality seem a little less than crisp and clean, produces intermittent screen artifacts, or the video and audio intermittently stop, skip, fail to display, or repeatedly turn off and back on?

The MyWirelessTV automatically selects the first usable wireless channel on which to operate. There may be some interference on the wireless channel your MyWirelessTV is currently set to use. You may change this channel in the MyWirelessTV menu.

The steps below will help you change the wireless channel:

Aim the remote control that came with your MyWirelessTV kit at the MyWirelessTV RECEIVER and press the 'i' button (near the middle of the remote control, between the 'Exit' and 'Back' buttons).

  1. Make note of the wireless channel currently being used as displayed on the Advanced Settings screen.
  2. Press the 'Exit' button on the remote control to exit the information screen.
  3. Now press the Menu button at the top right-hand corner of the remote control. The main menu screen will appear.
  4. Using the arrow buttons in the top section of the remote, select "General Settings" from the main menu and press the OK button.
  5. Select Wireless Channel, and then press the right arrow button.
  6. Select any channel other than the one you noted from the Advanced Settings screen and then press the OK button. (It is best to select the channel farthest from the current channel. For instance, if the current channel is 44, select channel 157.)
  7. Confirm your selection. Both transmitter and receiver will power cycle. Your video should come up automatically.
  8. If you have additional receivers, you will need to reboot them manually.
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