Why are my wireless lights blinking? 

A wireless router's lights blink when transmitting data to a Wi-Fi device, such as a computer or mobile phone. As long as the Wi-Fi device is able to receive and send data over its wireless connection to the router, the blinking light can be ignored. The router's lights blink when the device sends and receives data transmissions, indicating the data has been properly processed and sent to either the Wi-Fi device or the modem.

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  • My actions wireless2 has been working fine suddenly stopped transmitting. I have checked my connections several times and all are correct. I have the correct input chosen. All power lights are on. My link light on the transmitter is flashing and steady on the receiver. Any ideas?

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  • Link light on transmitter blinks, but lights on receiver are steady. Often lose signal.

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  • My action tec 2 is ding the same thing.

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  • Depending if the Link light is Green or Orange and blinking slow or fast.
    Orange blink indicates there is no source device providing audio or video to the tx unit.
    Green fast blink indicates it is trying to synchronize with the rx unit or the source device is not powered on or connected to the tx unit.
    Green slow blink indicates it is scanning for the rx unit.
    Make sure the source device is connected to the tx unit in the "HDMI Input" port and not the "Out to Tv" port.
    Try a second source device such as a DVD player, Game console or computer.
    If you continue to have issues contact our support department.

    For In Warranty products contact Actiontec at 8884360657

    For Out of warranty products fill out the support request form at http://support.actiontec.com/email_support/support_form_2.php

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  • I have Verizon FIOS with a G1100 gateway that I am renting. I have been using a Verizon purchased WCB3000N for several years without any issues. I recently added TV support. In doing that I needed to add a MOCA splitter to add the set top box at the same location as the extender. After doing that the formerly solid coax light on the extender started blinking. If I go directly to the extender with the original coax, its solid again. I removed the splitter and connected the original coax and new coax with a connector to the extender and the light blinks. I did this with 3 different coax thinking the new cable was bad. When nothing improved I changed connector and repeated the process. Coax light still blinks. Go back to original cable and its solid again. What is going on and how do I fix it? Thanks.
    (The extender has the Verizon logo on it but Verizon can't find the serial number in their records so they won't help. The extender was purchased under a different contract so I suspect that is that problem.)

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  • Don,
    Unfortunately, we can not provide much assistance with the Verizon branded devices. Also those devices were discontinued in 2015.
    It should not matter which type of cable you use as long as both ends are connected to a MoCA device. If any spltters are being used make sure they are MoCA rated and not standard splitters. The blinking coax light meas the WCB3000N is not detecting a MoCA signal on the coax connection. Sometimes it may take a couple minutes for the devices to sync.
    For all further support we can only refer you to Verizon.

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  • Pk5000/century link. Modem was working fine. I was hooking a Crosswave floor machine on wifi. Modem quit working. Power light switches from green to amber and back. No wifi light and intermittent ethenet mostly not.

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  • Kevin,
    Try connecting power into a different outlet. If power light still blinks green/amber then you will need to replace the modem. If the power light goes solid then try resetting the device to factory defaults and re-configuring for your internet service.

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