How do I find my wireless password?

Most Actiontec devices have the default wireless password printed on the sticker on the back of the device. However, if you have accessed the router's GUI (Graphical User Interface) and changed this password you will have to find the user manual for your device. Add locate the sets to find/change your wireless password because depending on your device, the steps may vary. If you are unable to find a manual for your device let us know in the comments below.

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  • I do not remember my user password.

  • When you say user password what do you mean?

  • the password to allow my computer to log into the router

  • Ok, When and where did you get your Actiontec? Also what model is it?

  • GT784WN I have a new device and I do not remember the password

  • best buy about 4 years ago I think. I have tried to download the manual with no success. are you still with me ? thank you I will try. Call back if unable to fix.

  • By default, those units don't have a default username and password set on them. Since you cannot remember the username and or password to access the GUI of the unit we will have to restore your device to defaults. Because there is no other way to recover that password.

    If you are comfortable with restoring your device to defaults on your own please copy the steps from method 1 from the link below on how to restore your unit to defaults. Then just reconfigure your unit for internet access just like you did when you got it brand new.

    If you would like help to restore it to defaults and reconfigure it give us a call at the support center. Our number is 1-888-436-0657. Then we will walk you thru it.

    But before you restore it to defaults there are some pieces of information you will need to have from you ISP so you can get back online. You will need to know:

    1. Who your ISP is.
    2. What your type of DSL account you have? PPP or DHCP or Static IP
    3. If you are PPP we need your PPP username and password. Which only your ISP can give you.
    4. If you are DHCP we just need to know that.
    5. If you have a static IP we will need all of your Static IP Information.
    6. What your VPI and VCI values have to be set to. Again only your ISP can tell you.

    If you have more questions let us know. We will be glad to help.

  • Where are you trying to get the manual from?

  • Since your device is 4 years old there is no free phone support. So if you call they will have to charge you 19.95 for phone support.

  • I have forgotten my WiFi password to access the WiFi from my phone. I have the Actiontec DSL modem GT784WN. My Amazon Fire TV stick is connected to it because it remembers the password. I no longer have a computer. How can I change my password?

  • You must have a PC/Laptop that can be wired directly to the gateway in order to access the GUI of the gateway to change your wireless password. Please follow the steps in the FAQ below to be able to change your wireless password.

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